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The French Broad River Basin

No description

Alyse Hood-Yarina

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The French Broad River Basin

by: Kevin Canny and Alyse Hood-Yarina Well..... And.... Also.... And Finally..... Should the French Broad River Basin
be North Carolina's next River Idol? * Contains the world's 3rd OLDEST river; the French Broad River
*The French Broad River Basin covers a total of 2,830 miles!
*The streams of the French Broad River Basin cover a total of 3,985 miles!!!! That's longer than the distance it takes to travel from the East Coast to the West Coast!
*There are 1,736 acres of lakes on the French Broad River Basin!
*The French Broad River Basin has 24 municipalities within the basin!
*Its one of the only two river basins in NC
where you can find the 9-inch salamander called the Common Mudpuppy.
*The Eastern spiny Softshell Turtle can only be found in this basin in all of NC.
*That it contains almost the ENTIRE state
population of Sharphead darters and has numerous fish species found in no other
rivers in NC like the Freshwater Drum and
Mooneye. *The tallest mountain east of the Mississippi
River, Mount Mitchell, rests in this basin
stretching 6,684 feet skyward.
*In the Pisgah National Forest Cradle of Forestry (which is on the basin) contains the most extensive system of "upload valley" bogs and marshes in the Southern Appalachians.
*Pisgah is home to NC's largest population of Swamp Pink; an endangered species of lily.
*The French Broad River Basin offers many opportunities for paddling creeks, ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes.
*It's a state designated canoe trail with 23 access points along the river's 116 mile journey through NC.
*You can go hiking and biking on the Blue Ridge
Parkway, see the Botanical Gardens at Asheville, hike and mountain bike on Mount Mitchell, and explore the Westfield River Park and the Waterfall Park which is the LARGEST amusement park in NC.
* 89% of the river basin is non-polluted and is a
hotspot for fishers.
*It's home to the Eagle Nest Foundation. So what do you think???? Why should the French Broad River
Basin be the next River Idol?? Municipalities-
a city, town,
or district Did you know?
Did you know that the city of Asheville is the Basin's Largest city?? Mooneye Freshwater Drum Sharphead Darter Eastern Spiny
Softshell Turtle Common
Mudpuppy Mount Mitchell Swamp Pink Pisgah
National Forest Eagle Nest Foundation Westfield River Park Waterfall Park Blue Ridge Parkway Botanical Gardens Canoe trail paddling It's also a Repulican district so you better not go to any of those filfy Democratic river basins!!!!!
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