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Target audience

No description

Hosam Dosa

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of Target audience

Target audience
The age group that I think is best suited for horror films is 15 and over. This is because that is the age where most teenagers would be going to the cinema and watching alot more films , this could also mean that horror becomes one of their favorite genres to watch.
Psychographics (Interests)
Teenagers around the age of 15 are usually interested in going out with their friends or going to the cinema and overall just enjoying themselves. Therefore I believe that horror could be one of the genres that they like because of the feeling you get when you watch a horror and that could be the type of feeling that teens enjoy.
Educational background
I don't think that there is a specific gender that horror films target I think that horrors appeal to both genders equally. The only way that they can target one of the genders mainly is if the main character on horror films is a continuous a male or a female otherwise no horrors appeal to both genders.
Socio-economic grouping
It might be that a certain group of individuals enjoy horrors more than another group and that could depend on their educational backgrounds and how they were brought up this will all determine their view on horror films.
You might find that the social economic grouping is having an affect on the amount of people that like horrors and this could affect the popularity of the genre and bring ratings down.
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