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Ashley and Jyrah`s presentation

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lib hist

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Ashley and Jyrah`s presentation

Roger Williams
Anne Hutchinson
William Coddington
John Clarke
Philip Sherman
Other colonists looking to settle a land that was religiously free
reasons founded
Williams- He was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his religious views. He settled in a place he named Providence Plantation.
Coddington and Clarke- These two men founded Newport, a place in Rhode Island.
Hutchinson- Her and her husband helped to found Portsmouth.
Sherman- He was a prominent leader in the founding of Portsmouth.

colonial history brief
rhode island residents
Religious outcasts- Since this colony had religious freedom, colonists who were banished from other colonies because of their religious views came here.
Native Americans- Many Native Americans lived on these lands and traded with the colonists. Eventually, many were killed because of disease brought by the English.
African American slaves- Slaves were brought to Rhode Island to help the colonists with labor.

types of economy
The colonists of Rhode Island mainly fished, whaled, and built ships.
They exported goods like fish and timber, and whale oil.
It was very difficult for colonists of Rhode island to farm because, of the harsh weayher and poor soil. Most colonists farmed just enough just to support their own family.
Types of Religion
Religion in the rhode island colony was very diverse because of its religious freedom established, by the founder (Roger Williams) in the year of 1636.
What is meant by religious freedom is that all religion was excepted and no settlers not aloud because of their religous views.
The name Rhode Island comes from the Dutch name for the land "Roodt Eyelant." This name translates to "red island" because of the red clay that lined the shore. The colony of Rhode Island was formed when religious outcasts bought or were given land by the Native Americans. One major founder of this colony is Roger Williams, who was exiled from Massachusetts because of religious practices. Native American tribe the Narragansett`s gifted him land out of his friendship to them. Williams named this land Providence Plantation
Other religious and political outcasts such as Anne Hutchinson and William Coddington helped found places on Aquidneck Island. These places included Portsmouth, Newport, and Warwick. Aquidneck Island was later named Rhode Island. This island later joined with Prodvidence Plantation to become the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
Settle here:
We have religious freedom meaning you will not be mistreated because of your beliefs.
We also hold a strong economy because we are successful in many fields such as: fishing, whaling and ship building.
We share respect with the Native Americans and other colonies.
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