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General OneFile: InfoTrac

Using the e-journal articles through Gale Cengage Learning

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Transcript of General OneFile: InfoTrac

InfoTrac is a large e-journal database which offers 1000s of articles from newspapers and journals
General OneFile & InfoTrac
Basic Search
The basic search is the simplest search to use in GeneralOneFile. The use of keywords will bring up a database of article links quickly and easily
Subject Search
Why not use the subject search to look at a particular subject
Publication Search
Advanced Search
There are lots of journals available on InfoTrac. If you know which journal is required use the publication search
Why not add more detailed information to find the article you need quickly and easily
Journal of Sports Sciences
Full text articles 2000 - 2006
Construction Europe
Full text articles May 2003 - current day
You need to be logged into your Athens account to access General One File & InfoTrac
Need an Athens account? Send an email with your full name student number and course details to lsc.admin@northland.ac.uk.

Please email us from an account you use regularly, and look for our email to activate your Athens account.
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