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Julius Caesar's Impact on Rome

No description

Maher Hasan

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Julius Caesar's Impact on Rome

What has Julius Caesar accomplished throughout his reign in Rome that has had a positive effect on Modern - Day Rome?
Question - Thesis
The word Kaiser, Czar, and Tsar are all synonyms for a word defining a born leader. A man who will stop at nothing to achieve the best for his people. Ever wonder where those words came from? Those three titles, derived from CAESAR.
How Good was Caesar?
Caesar changed Rome's politics
Julius Caesar resolved many of Rome's economical issues such as Debt.
Caesar fixed Rome's economy
Julius Caesar's Impact on Rome
By : Maher Hasan
Julius Caesar was the driving force in changing the Rome's political stance
"he initiated the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire"(Joshua).
"Caesar ordered that property must be accepted for repayment at its pre-war value. Ceaser cancelled all interest payments due since the beginning of 49 BC and permitted tenants to pay no rent for one year." (Fife).
Julius Caesar has accomplished many feats on both the battlefield, and in political office. He has done things from expanding Rome's land, to changing their Political stance, Caesar has truly made a positive difference.
Caesar's beast military skills
Julius Caesar was a General with immense power and very innovatory on the battlefield
"In eloquence and military skill Julius Caesar equaled or even surpassed the most famous." (Smith). He introduced the Wedge Formation which allowed the Army to have a strong connection of warriors in the center of the battlefield so that they could fight their way to past the enemy foot soldiers with relative ease.
Caesar's Expansion of Rome
Caesar expanded the Roman Republic by going on different conquests.
Julius Caesar had, "Devoted his energies to the conquest of Gaul" (Ferrill).
After conquering the Gaul, Caesar had significantly increased the Republic's land mass.
Rome Today
Rome, or
, is now the capital and the most populated city of Italy.
Rome now serves as a economic and a center of commerce in Italy.
Also a very attractive tourist spot.
He did this after a civil war had broken out within the 1st Triumvirate, who shared power with Caesar, and he believed that an Empire system would work better for Rome.
"Veni, Vidi, Vici" - Julius Caesar
Translated as - "I Came, I Saw, I Overcame"
Facts about Caesar
The month of July has been named after him.
William Shakespeare wrote a play about him.
Born in the year 100 B.C.
He was assassinated for trying to be Dictator for Life.
He was a very good Public Speaker.
After conducting a lenthy research I conclude that Julius Caesar had provided an overrall positive effect on the Romans throughout his achievements.
During his "tenure" as Roman Dictator, Caesar had facilitated a chain reaction which has made what Rome is today, a center of commerce and culture, and the capital of Italy.
Caesar has proved through his brilliant feats on the battlefield, his accomplishments in politics, and his advancements to Rome's social and daily life that he was truly a great ruler and that he has helped shape the city of Rome to become one of the most adorned cities in the world.
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