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Philippine Financial System

No description

Jerome Payusan

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Philippine Financial System

Japanese Occupation.
January 2, 1942-Arrival of the Japanese Imperial Forces in Manila.

January 3, 1942-Japanese Military Govt. called for the resumption of the banking business.

1942-Southern Development Bank(Nampo Kaihatsu Kindo)

Philippine Financial System.
The Spanish Period

1594-(Obras Pias) the first organized institution in the Philippines and began to operate this year.

1851-First Important bank in the country the"Banco Espanol-Filipino de Isabel II".

1854-Banco Espanol-Filipino granted the favor of note issue by royale decree on October 17, 1854.

1869-The greatly expanded Filipino-European trade.

1873-When the British capital began to be attracted towards the Island.

1875-Another british owned a bank this the Hong-Kong Shanghai banking Corp.

American Period
1901-American Bank Operated

1902-Wai Hung Bank, Abreu, Newberry found.

1904-1906-First provincial banks, Bank of Pangasinan

1904-1908-Bank of Zamboanga

1906-The s.Misaka Bank was opened.

1908-the Governmenment owned Agricultural Bank.
Act No.2616-asserts that the asset and liabilities of the bank were transferred to the Phil, National Bank.

1918-Yokohama Specie Bank.
1920-China Banking Corp.
1926-Mercantile Bank of China.
1930-National city bank of New York.
1937-Bank of Taiwan
- Netherlands Indische Bank.
1900-First Phil Commission passed.

Feb.1929-Bureau of Banking was created.
Philippine Financial System
Spanish Period
American Period
Japanese Occupation
Postwar and Independence Period
The New Society Period
August 2, 1882-The First saving Bank in the country wa founded by Father Felix Huertas and named "Monte de piedad y caja de ahoros de manila.
-Banco Peninsula Ultra Marino of MAdrid was also Opened.

1898-The Spanish regime ends. the 4 banks, 3 commercial abnk, and 1 saving bank were doing business in the Phil.

Postwar and Independence Period.
June 6, 1945-Rehabilitation of the Banking system was made possible by Executive Order No.49.

1949-Inaugurated the Central Bank of the Phil.

1948-Enacment of Bnaking Laws.
R.A NO.337-General Banking Act.

1592-Rural Bank Act was approved.

1963-Saving and Loan Association Act approved.

38 Commercial bankwith 542 brances/extension offices.
13 Saving Bankwith 38 branches.
29 Private Development Banks with 24 extension offices/agencies
469 Rural Bank and 87 Savings and Loan Association.
Jerome Payusan.
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