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Camel Food Web

No description

Chelsea Chan

on 24 June 2011

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Transcript of Camel Food Web

Sun The sun plays a major role in any food chain. If the sun would become extinct no plants would be able to grow, resulting in the camel not being able to eat anything resulting in the camel becoming extinct Grass Many herbivores eat grass for their normal diet. If grass were to become extinct, all those animals would die, ruining their food web Camel Many carnivors eat and hunt camels, such as wolves or humans. If camels were to become extinct, there would be an overpopulation of plant vegitation that camels eat Trees Trees help us survive. Without trees, humans and animals wouldn't be alive because trees provide us oxygen. If all the trees in the world got cut down, every living creature would die Wheat Camels eat wheat as part of their normal diet. If wheat was to no longer grow, many animals (including the camel) would not be able to eat wheat anymore. If an animal's diet was only wheat, they would become extinct Horse Rabbit Cow Many animals hunt and eat these animals (horses, rabbits and cows). In this food web, they don't play that much of a role, but in many other food webs, they do Lion Tiger Bear These three animals are all predators .They dont' play a major role in the camel's food web, but they play major roles in other food webs, acting as predators, in this case, they are predators towards the horse Dog Human They might not think about themselves as this, but humans are the main predators in any food web or chain. Humans can eat anything edible if they wanted, such as sharks, whales or in this case, tigers, bears, lions, hawkes or camels. In this case, the human is the prey and predator towards the tiger, bear and lions cause there is a slight possiblity that they can get eaten by them Wolf The wolf in this food web, acts as the predator towards the camel. If wolves were to become extinct, there might be an overpopulation of camels Mice Insect
(decomposer) Decomposers are one of the most important animals in a food web or chain. They eat dead animals and start the cycle again Snake Frog Hawke
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