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IGEM splash

Wiki splash

Emmy Tsang

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of IGEM splash

we designed + assembled constructs to analyse RATIOMETRIC dual channel reporters We designed + built a cheap, arduino-based ratiolumnometer for our dual-channel luciferase reporter conventional biosensor analysis either requires expensive equipment or is non-quantitative We investigated the potential of B. subtilis spores as a stable, long-life chassis for biosensing / BIOSENSORS Towards better The diversity of biosensors available in the registry and nature has huge potential in industry, research and public health
However most biosensors have not been adapted for practical use, and their potential remains unrealised We aimed to provide tools and parts with the potential to improve the function and practicality of all biosensors we believe RIBOSWITCHES to represent as severely under-utilised potential for highly specific biosensing we investigated the function of FLUORIDE and MAGNESIUM riboswitches they produce more accurate and reliable results than conventional style chained reporters we also developed a biobrick to allow more rapid germination In working towards a more practical system, we took the case of groundwater contamination in Bangladesh as an example http://2012.igem.org/Team:Cambridge
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