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Mary Anning

Finder of Fossils

Mariam Barnes

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Mary Anning

By: Mariam Barnes Mary Anning Mary Anning was a british fossil finder and a paleontologist. She is very famous for finding some of the first dinosaur bones ever found. Who is She? That's Me! It all started on May 21, 1799 when Mary Anning was born. She was born in Lyme Regis in Dorset, England. When Mary was 15 months the neighbor was holding her and soon later lightning struck the neighbor and two others by a tree. Onlookers rushed Mary home. The doctor said that the infant survival was miraculous. Mary had a very rough childhood as she was a very sickly baby. Early Childhood Life Mary had a mom named Molly and a dad named Richard. They had 10 children. The first born was named Mary and born in 1794. Followed by her was another girl who had died almost at once. A boy named Joseph was born in 1796 and followed by him was another boy in 1798 who had also died because of child infancy. In the winter months the oldest child Mary, had died because of a fire accident. Five months later in 1799 another girl was born and she was named after the oldest who had died. Her name was Mary. More children were born after Mary but none of them survived to see their adulthood life except Mary and Joseph. Molly and Richard died when Mary was 10 because of a disease. Family Mary Anning was a fossil finder. She had started her job at the age of 10 by finding a very rare fossil. She had learned how to be one by her father's techniques and skills. She had to continue the family business by doing this. She found many fossils including some of the first dinosaur bones. Career Her dad was a cabinet maker and carpenter. To bring in more money into the household he found fossils. Some days he would bring Mary on his journeys and show her his techniques. Mary continued this job after he had died. Family Business Mary had been on many journeys. Some days she found lots and some not as much. She didn't find something everyday. But she did find some major discoveries that are recognized by her findings everyday. Some of the fossils that she found have famous names for them. Like the Ichthyosaurs, Plesiosaurs, Fossil fish, and Pterosaur Discoveries What do they look like? Ichthyosaurs Plesiosaurs Pterosaur Fossil Fish Birch Auction One of the family's customers was Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas James Bircha. he was a wealthy collector from Lincolnshire. He bought loads of fossils from the family which kept them in business. In 1820 Birch couldn't buy any fossils because the family hadn't found any for a year. At this point the business was at the end of it's time. So Birch decided to auction the fossils he had purchased from them on their behalf. He wrote to the palaeontologist Gideon Mantell. On March 5 Birch said that the sale was "for the benefit of the poor woman, with her daughter and son in Lyme. They are losing their family business because of the loss of finding fossils. The auction was held at Bullocks in London, England on May 15, 1820, and raised £400 (worth the equivalent of over £26,000 in 2010). We dont know how much of that was given to Mary's Family. Illness and Death On March 9, 1847 Mary had died at the age of 47. The cause of this death was because of breast cancer. Some people think that the cause of this was because of her drinking too much alchol. But that was just a rumor started after she died because of jelusy. Goals/ Wishes Mary had many goals and wishes as child and growing up. One of her goals was to be just like her dad and find all of those amazing fossils. She had also wished to have a very good and happy life. Achivements! Mean while her wish did come true because all but one of her siblings had died. But one of her goals had acheived at the age of 12. She had found a fossil. Where is she Burried? She was buried on March 15, 1857 in the churchyard of St. Michael's, the local parish church. Members of the Geological Society contributed and helped with the making and finishing of the stained glass window in memory of Mary. Why is she Inspiring to me? I found Mary Anning to be very inspiring to me for many reasons. One of the reasons is because as a child she went through alot of drama and sad events. As she grew up she became very popular which made her happy and forget about her losses durring these days. So it inspires me to here what she has gone through to live her dream.
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