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The Colored Power Algorithm

No description

Vinayak Ranade

on 3 November 2010

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Transcript of The Colored Power Algorithm

Results Electric Power Sector Algorithm Requirements Demand Flexibility
Dynamic Response

Demand Flexibility Scalability Privacy Non-intrusiveness Proto Amorphous Cooperative Energy Management (PACEM) The Colored Power Algorithm Questions?
What Next? Vinayak V. Ranade and Dr. Jacob Beal
SASO 2010 A highly-scalable system for smart power grids that enables efficient demand shaping for small-user networks. Better Feedback Control
Large Diameter Networks
Incentive Integration
Prof. Hal Abelson
Prof Dennis Freeman
MIT Energy Initiative Acknowledgements Matching Demand and Supply of Electricity Environment Economics Karachi, Pakistan source: chowrangi.com source: jcwinnie.biz Proto Amorphous Cooperative Energy Management (PACEM) Latency in Response
- Variance
- Timed out devices
Network delay Dynamic Response
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