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Real Estate Investment Plan

A summary of a map for a real estate investment Plan

Mo Ko

on 11 August 2009

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Transcript of Real Estate Investment Plan

Real Estate Investment Plan 1-Buy a land This land should be bought with a good deal (price) because everything else will build on this layer 3-Find a third party contractor I know that we can play this role but there is an
advantage of having a good contractor with us on the line to relax and focus only on the design and supervision 2-DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN For this I have a GREAT Library that will make
the exterior and interior of the house Simple yet
beautiful and cost effective 4- CONSTRUCTION The construction has to be done in the shortest time
possible but effiecient 4- Put it on sale As this cycle
completed each time there will be a bigger revenue as
at the future it can be a group of homes or compounds
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