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Pencil Sharpener/Holder Invention

Natalie and Monica's Science Project

Natalie Namsechi

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Pencil Sharpener/Holder Invention

We decided to recreate a pencil holder by adding a sharpener. This way you save money and space on your desk... What have you decided to change? Why have you decided to make these changes? Eagle's Den Why we chose this invention We decided to modernize the structure of this invention by creating a screw-like sharpener inside the pencil holder. So it can be removed by twisting the sharpener and removing the cap of the sharpener. To make it more stable for the pencil and for the user because its sturdy. And if the product falls the sharpener will not break because it's protection is good. By: Natalie and Monica + We chose to do this invention because we agree its reasonable to have two of these objects in one. This will store your pencils while keeping them sharp. What impact have these new changes made in terms of the criteria for evaluation? Positive: It safes space, money, and its better than buying two separate products
Negative: For children they can't bring it to places like school (not portable), because it is heavy. = Original Invention Function and Design Environmental Impact Effectiveness Aesthetics The End!!! Screw like structure to hold the sharpener in place Screw like structure to hold the sharpener in place This product is more effective than a normal pencil sharpener or holder because it is twice as beneficial as the two products itself. It appeals to the customer because it has many colors and its a cute animal design, other than a dull grey sharpener/pencil holder. Thanks for watching! Its impact for the environment is that in every school they can put the product on the teacher's desk. When someone loses their pencil or the sharpness and they didn't have a sharpener, they can just go to the desk and sharpened it or borrow a pencil from the teacher. It also saves money, space on a desk and its saves material other than making two products. Cost The cost of this product is $7.00 because the cost of a normal mechanical sharpener is $10.00 and the manual pencil sharpeners are $3.00. So for this we put our price around the range of 10 dollars and 3 dollars which is $7.00.
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