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Sports Gambling Prezi- Don't Bet on It

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Whitney Cooper

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Sports Gambling Prezi- Don't Bet on It

As a student-athlete, you are now part of an elite group. You have a tremendous responsibility to your school, sport, community and yourself. Although gambling can seem quite attractive, it will put your reputation, your eligibility and your athletics career on the line. Casinos and horse tracks
Contact with known gamblers
Gambling online
Sharing information about you or your team that could be used for sports wagering purposes WHAT TO AVOID DO NOT PLACE A WAGER ON ANY COLLEGE OR PROFESSIONAL SPORTING EVENT.
This include:
Fantasy Leagues
Sports pools and March Madness brackets (if any entry fee is required and a prize is awarded). DO NOT SHARE INFORMATION THAT CAN BE USED TO WAGER ON SPORTS.
This includes:
Team disciplinary actions
New plays
Team morale
Injuries Loss of Eligibility
Financial Hardship
Jail time
Media scrutiny
Run-ins with organized crime
Loss of jobs LOSS OF ELIGIBILITY Permanently Ineligible
•If you engage in activities designed to influence a portion or final outcome of a sports contest (i.e., point-shaving, spot fixing).
•If you participate in a sports bet of any kind on ANY team at your school
Ineligible For a Minimum of One Year
•If you participate in a sports bet of any kind via or through: The Internet
A bookie
A parlay card
Ineligible for a Length of Time to Be Determined
•If you participate in a sports bet of any kind by putting something at risk (i.e., money, entry fee or tangible item) for the opportunity to win something. FACT OR FICTION? 1. Gambling on sports over the internet is illegal?
2. Participation in fantasy leagues/pools where an entry feel is required and a prize is awarded is a violation of NCAA Legislation.
3. If you place a bet on any team at your institution you will lose all your remaining eligibility.
4. Placing a bet with my smart phone is not illegal.
5. Coaches are not subject to NCAA Bylaw 10.3 (Sports Wagering Activities)
6. It is okay for student-athletes to wager for things besides money (shirts, dinner, etc.)
7. Inside knowledge about teams and players will make you more likely to win when you place a bet on a sports game.
8. Compulsive gambling is often referred to as a "silent addiction."
9. Teenagers are too young to develop a gambling problem.
10. The 2012 NCAA sport wagering study reported that male golf student-athletes participated in sports wagering activities more than any other male student-athletes.
11. If you place a sports bet via an Internet website, you will be ineligible for all competition for at least one year.
12. It is okay for student-athlete's to bet on practice.
13. It is estimated that $382 billion of legal and illegal sports wagers are made annually.
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