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on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of EPRB412

Proposed Solution
Problem Statement
TNB issue/problem
Main issue being faced
: Identifying faulty street lights
Current System in tracking fault
: Customer's Complaint & Manual Operation
: Costly & Not Reliable

Customer's Complaint
Operasi Cerah
Technicians & Contractors divided into few groups
Coverage area: < 60km
Action will be taken on faulty street lights
Group Street Lighting
Connection of Group Street Lighting

Components in Control Panel
Literature Review
EPRB 412
Semester 2 2015/2016
Final Year Project 2
Oral Presentation

"Development Of Smart Street Lighting System Using GPRS Fault Tracking Approach"

Name : Shikandinee Kobu
Student ID : Ep089425
Supervisor : Mr Mohd Azrin Bin Mohd Azau

Street Lights owned by TNB has a standard design and installation throughout the country.
TNB's Logo
Pole's Reference Number
Red & Blue Colour Mark

Not Reliable
Waste on manpower & maintenance cost
Project Scope
Hardware Components
Estimated Cost
Arduino Uno (Micro controller)
LDR Sensor
Voltage Regulator
Arduino Uno
Micro controller based on ATmega 168P.
Has 14 digital input/output pins, 6 analog input pins and weighs 25g.
Cost : RM 95.93
Fully compatible with Arduino Uno
Sends SMS
Supply voltage : 3.1-4.8 V
Dimension : 68.33 x 53.09mm
Supports 850.900.1800/1900 MHz (wider range).
Requires SIM (Subscriber Identity Module).
Cost : RM 254.40
Arduino uses simplified version of C/C++.
Arduino Software (IDE)
The program need to be uploaded to Arduino Uno board upon completing
'Smart Street Lighting System Based On Sensors Using PLC &SCADA' 2014
LDR Sensor
Cadmium Sulphide
Photocell works on the principle of photoconductivity.
Low Resistance : Conduct electricity (no illumination)
High Resistance : Not able to conduct the circuit.
Cost : RM5.00
Focuses on Group Street Lighting
Considered fault condition : Lantern Malfunction
Assume presence of GSM/GPRS signal
Limits the fault alert up to technicians
Automatic Street Light Control : PLC & Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Programming language : Function Block Diagram (FBD)
SCADA receives control command through PLC.
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