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A Silenced History

No description

Jazmin JeanBaptiste

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of A Silenced History

Many people know that Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr,, Rosa Parks, Barack Obama are important figures in black history. However, they are just the tip of the iceberg.
Tip of the Iceberg
The Father of Black History
The very development of Black History Month was an attempt to bring awareness to achievements and history of African Americans, during a time such things weren't taught, let alone recognized.
Jazmin JeanBaptiste
A Silenced History
Underneath the surface of what we know, lies a multitude of untold stories, unknown and unrecognized people who have greatly contributed to the history of our people
On September 9, 1915, Woodson, along with a few colleagues formed the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History.
Negro History Week was established in February 1926. However, he desired an even greater impact in promoting black history
"We are going back to that beautiful history and it is going to inspire us to greater achievements" (The Origins of Black History Month).
In the next four decades, there would be a rise in leaders, events and movements that would have a huge impact on black history. There would also be a rise in a racial consciousness, pride and interest in black history which eventually lead Negro History Week to evolve into Black History Month in February 1976.
Royalty : Yaa Asantewaa
Yaa Asantewaa, Queen of the Ashanti Empire, what is now know as Ghana. In 1900, She led the Ashanti rebellion know as the War of the Golden Stool, against British colonialism.
Stokely Carmichael, was a Trinidadian-American Civil Rights Activist during the 1960s and the global Pan-African movement. He also founded what was know as the Lowndes County Freedom Organization which inspired the establishment of the Black Panther Party.
Politics: Toni Harp
Toni Harp is the first black woman to become the mayor of New Haven. She currently serves as 50th Mayor of New Haven and formerly served as a Democratic state senator in Connecticut from 1993 to 2013.
Are we segreating ourselves by creating things such as BET & Black History Month?

Are they still relevant ?

Should there be White History Month ?

Science: Marie Maynard Daly
Education : Ruth Simmons
In 2001, Ruth Simmons became the first African-American president of an Ivy League university (Brown University to be exact), as well as the first female president .

Carter G. Woodson is a historian, author, journalist and the founder of the Association of the Study African American Life and History.
The first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D in Chemistry
Inventor: Philp Emeagweli
Nigerian-Born scientist & inventor known for first using a Connection Machine super computer to help analyze petroleum fields
Sports : Serena Williams
The Women's Tennis Association ranked her world No. 1 in singles on six different occasions

Sports Illustrated names her Sportsperson of the Year in 2015

Acting: Hattie McDonald
The first African American to win an academy award for her performance in "Gone In The Wind."
Love, Peace & Unity
Stay Woke
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