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Eczema- Laura Levinski

Anatomy and Physiology- Integument Disorder Project

Laura Levinski

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Eczema- Laura Levinski

Definition Eczema
By Laura Levinski Eczema- condition that causes skin to become inflamed and itchy
Cause of Eczema A malfunction in the immune system along with dry, irritated skin is the likely cause of eczema
The exact cause is not known
Symptoms of Eczema red patches on skin
thick, cracked, or scaly skin
severe itching
raw skin, from scratching
small raised bumps
easily irritated skin The parts of the Integument system disrupted by eczema are the skin and hair. The places that are most common are on the hands, feet, ankles, face, and neck. Sometimes, it will affect the eyelids, and around the eyes. Scratching this area may result in hair loss (eyebrows and eyelashes). Treatment Options
Corticosteroid creams/ointments
Oral antihistamines
Oral corticosteroids

There are many medications and anti-itch creams that can treat eczema-
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