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Amstrong presentation

No description

Louis Vayssette

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Amstrong presentation

Is it worth sponsoring an athlete? Who is Lance Armstrong? The reaction of the sponsors in a crisis situation Example of cyclist Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal Values associated to armstrong Fortitude 2012 : The end Anti-Doping Agency's dossier revealed the biggest doping scandal in sports history Courage Commitment A hero for people affected by cancer Armstrong was the brain of a system based on doping, intimidation and collusion Cycling's ruling body banned Armstrong for life and stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles Shown his dark face the athlete not only cheat to win... He has lied for years to the public IS HE STILL A HERO?
Or Is he a villain? Nike - Armstrong partnership was so successful right up until the guilty verdict.

For all of the success, the thing that will be remembered most will be the doping. Does that make all of the success prior to this mean nothing at all? Is the risk worth the reward? "I have never taken performance-enhancing drugs" Armstrong, 2008 Mostly...Yes If you take the amount of athletes that are sponsored by Nike in total; Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong do not make up many of their numbers.


It is people like this and scandals like theirs that attract the attention and are what people will remember. Betrayed the cancer charity Manipulator Today's armstrong image Liar Machiavellian When it really comes down to it...yes. Nike forgave Tiger Woods after he apologized for cheating on his wife. It welcomed back Michael Vick once he served time for illegal dog-fighting. But the company dropped Lance Armstrong faster than the cyclist could do a lap around the block so why was armstrong the first? Persistence Sharper Tyrant It is down to the athletes performance The other scandals were off the field so to speak

Armstrong was cheating on the bike, making it much worse for Nike who dropped him straight away. Endurance what will remain from armstrong?
How will the icone's disgrace will affect what he used to represent? Consistent with the champion's value? Who is sponsored by Nike? Your attitude toward Nike before/after the event?
And Armstrong? A theoretical point of view semiotic triangle signifier referent signified It is the signified that we remember and affect our attitude Sponsors drop armstrong Attribution Importance Anheuser-Bush'S : TORA THEORY BI = w1 [ A( act)] + w2 [ SN(act)] Nike Addidas Puma... quality look price personalisation American values, involved with athlete in traditional sports such as NASCAR. reputation ... Oakley : Oldest Amstrong's sponsor, started when he was a 17 years old triathlete. Last one to stand by him.
Embodies an idea of outdoor adventure,of a sporty and healthy lifestyle. Normative belief Motivation to comply SRAM : Change the attitude Capitalize on relative Advantage
Strengthen Perceived Product/Attribute Linkages
Add a new attribute
Influence competitors’ ratings
Public opinion
Normative belief
Other people’s idea is not imprtant to you at all As a bike part maker, they are be the company most directly involved in Amstrong's fall. Armstrong? Nike? Expand strategy : -surfing
-cycling Nike : Lance Amstrong was their way of conquering this new market Promoting idea of fairness and performance in sport.
WalkEd on the Moon ?


Who can play the trumpet ?


Who has won 7 tour de France's ? DO YOU KNOW someone that has Who would sponsor such a man? Hollywood story : Golden narrative of a man coming back from cancer to win the hardest bike race in the world ? ? ? Questions
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