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The Beach Boys

No description

Sheherezade Gomez Roig

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of The Beach Boys

THE BEACH BOYS THE BIGINNING The Beach Boys formed in 1961, by three brothers sons of Murray and Audree Wilson: Brian, Dennis and Carl, and other two guys: Mike Love his cousin and Al Jardine a very good friend of the family.

All started when one day Wilson marriage left home for a few days, then their sons took the money for the food and spent in musical instruments.

The band was called THE BEACH BOYS, and at first the members were Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike and Al, but later Al Jardine went to study to be a dentist and David Marks took his place. Finally Brian was at the bass, Carl and David on the guitars, Dennis on the battery and David was the singer.
THE HITS Their first hit, was “Surfin’” in 1962. Dennis came home and told his banded family and friend that they should write a song about surfing. But the musical hit would be bigger with the next song “Surfin’ Safari” and this was their first Lp (Long-player) too.

Brian was the songwriter of the band. In 1963 he created a classic surf single, “Surfin’ USA”, and Lp with this name, included a very beautiful song: “The lonely sea”. The next single and Lp was “Surfer Girl”. At the end of the year, David Marks left the band and Al Jardine took his place again together with another Lp: “Little Deuce Coupe” and the single “Be true your school”. In total were three Lp’s in one year.

During the 64’s and 65’s Bruce Johnston took Brian's place in the gigs of the touring, so Brian could concentrate on the writings and productions. Over those years they had a great success like: “Shut Volume 2”, “All Summer Long”, “Beach Boys Concert” and “The Beach Boys Christmas” Lp’s, and “Fun Fun Fun”, “I Get Around”, “Dance Dance Dance”, “Help Me Rhonda”, “California Girls” and “The Little Girl I Once Knew” singles.

Then, in 1966 came around world. The year when Brian would release his greatest gem, “Pet Sounds”. This album would become, “The Greatest Album of All Time” according to MOJO. After “Pet Sounds”, was put in the market: “Good Vibrations” the really success. That went to number one in the USA and in Europe. After that, nothing happened for a while. As they were very popular in England, the USA was blind to their talent for the time. And they released some great albums and singles, and a couple hits, but nothing really shook the charts. Al Jardine Brian Wilson Dennis Wilson Carl Wilson Mike Love Surfin' USA After that, the 67’s, 68’s and 69’s were good years in Europe with hits like: “Heroes and Villains”, “Darlin”, “Do it Again”, “I Can Hear Music”, “Break Away” and “Cotton Fields”. But were terrible years in USA.

The drugs problem was very common in Brian in the 70's. Their production in the 80's was very poor, Dennis Wilson died in 1983 drowned in the California coast, and in 90's, cancer takes forever Carl.
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