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Childhood vaccanations

No description

Library Media

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Childhood vaccanations

The symtoms are, sore throat, fever, and swolen glands around the neck.
Didn't you think that the flu was just you snezzing and coughing you can actually
you can get infections in your lungs CRAZY RIGHT!
Polio is a disease that makes you not to be able to walk. Polio is a really rare disease to get so don't worry you probaley won't get it.

You can get pneumococcal from air or direct contact. Don't worry you probley won't get it
Vaccinations are a series of shots that cure diseases. Some vacctions you have to get 4 shots or you have to get 3 shots of the vacctions.
This is a vaccinations
This is the Polio germ
This is the flu germ
This is the diptheria germ
This is the Pheumococcal germ
This is a list of vocab words her they are. Varicella, Influenza,Pertussis, and Rubella.
These are some vocab words lets go. Varicella, Influenza,Perrussis, and Rubella.
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