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on 26 October 2013

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You will be presenting your art analysis to the class in one of the
following ways…


3 – 4 minutes in duration.
Some of these questions and more will be answered in your presentation…

Who is the artwork created by?

What do you like or find interesting?

What do you think the work might be about?

How do you think the artist created this artwork?

Analyse the art elements in the artwork such as colour, patterns, line, shape etc… and interesting features.

Analyse and Interpret an artwork…


To ANALYSE means to examine in detail the elements or structure of an artwork.

To INTERPRET means to decode the meanings and messages in the artwork.

Visual Art




Introduce the artist and briefly discuss their background…


The artwork to be analysed is titled __________ by______________. It was created in _______ using __________.
Assessment 3
Use the questions and information in this prezi to help you
interpret and analyse an artwork created by one of the following artists…

Artists to choose from...
Pablo Picasso
Claude Monet
Vincent Van Gogh
Henri Matisse
Create an informative brochure that could be used to educate people in a gallery about the artwork.
Using ICT, create a Power Point, Prezi or other as discussed with the teacher.

Oral presentation – you may like to have an image of the artwork shown on the projector as you are presenting and also use cue cards.
* Your presentation should be no more than
Include an image of the artwork and label it as set out below.
Title of Artwork:

Artist name:

Date of Artwork:

Medium Used:

Size of Artwork:

Adele Bloch-Bauer 1
Gustav Klimt
Oil Silver and Gold on canvas
138 x 138cm

Include the following information…

Where was the artist born?
What style of artwork was the artist most famous for?
What type of artwork does the artist create?
In what art movement was the artist from?
Find more information about the artist and include a paragraph in the introduction of your presentation.


What is the artwork of?

This is called its SUBJECT MATTER.
The main subject matter of the artwork is...
b. Landscape
c. Portrait
d. Seascape
e. Still life
g. Figure composition
Describe the artwork...

In what style has the artwork been created?

a. Surreal
The style of the artwork is...
b. Realistic
c. Abstract
f. Interior
d. Impressionist
e. Cubist
f. Stylized
Analyse the artwork...
Describe how the artist has used the medium.
What materials and equipment do you think the artist has used?
Where do you think the artist got the idea for this artwork? What has inspired the artist?
How would you describe the surface of the artwork? Eg. Rough, smooth etc…
Describe the brushwork. Eg. Is it painterly, short, long, stippled etc…

Analyse the artwork...

Describe the use of the visual elements of art. How have they been used in the artwork?

Colour – bright, contrast, warm dark, strong
Shape – flat, natural, simple
Form – three dimensional, rounded
Line – curved, fluid, thick and thin, rhythmical
Pattern – shapes and lines are repeated

Interpret the meanings and messages of the artwork.

What do you think the artist might be trying to communicate through this artwork?

What might the symbols on the dress represent in this artwork?

Interpret the artwork...
Evaluate the artwork...
What do you think of the artwork?

How does the artwork make you feel?

I really do/don’t like the artwork because_______________

h. City scape
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