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Wanna know more about floods click here

cuddles bunny

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Floods

What is the phenomenon?
Information about Floods
What are the effects on the landscape and communities?
In floods harvests would be delayed ,crops and pastures would be killed and product destroyed.
Most floods are dangerous and course death.

Houses are destroyed trees are wrecked,shops and buildings are destroyed and wrecked.
How do floods occur?
Where do floods mostly often happen?

Floods occur lots of ways.
These are some of the ways floods can occur,
heavy rain fall,tsunamis,tropical cyclone,
high tide,dam failure triggered and also
high than normal river levels.
Floods also occur when snow melts.

What is a flood?
A flood is water where it is not wanted.Dry land over flows with unwanted water.
There are many places floods occur these are some of the places low lying land,areas adjacent to streams and rivers.

Around the world these are some of the places floods mostly occur, Japan,United States of America,Mexico,China,China's Shanghai River and Taiwan.
What are the safety issues in floods
Lots of people drown in cars or by swimming in rivers or lakes.
Most people think they can swim or drive through floods but they can't make it.
The water looks calm and still but under it's running through faster than you think.

What are the ways of preventing floods
These are some of the ways of preventing a flood building levees,town plan,sand bags in front of the town or in front of your house.
Warning systems for floods
The bureau of Meteorology provides a floods warning service across NSW.
Hello I'm going to explain what floods are. You will understand what floods are after you read this.Enjoy!
Thank you for listening I hope you enjoyed my prezi and learned about floods, remember you can't swim threw floods or drive threw floods.
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