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Hotel Hershey Animal Cell Prezi

No description

Ally Abruzzo

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Hotel Hershey Animal Cell Prezi

Hotel Hershey Cell By, Ally Abruzzo, Ally Anderson, & Grace Morgan Animal Cell Cell Membrane: Hotel Hershey's cell membrane is the whole property it is on. This includes the plants, parking spaces, tennis courts, etc. The cell membrane's job is to keep everything inside of the cell and it regulates what leaves & enters the cell. Cytoplasm: Hotel Hershey's cytoplasm is the actual hotel itself. The cytoplasm is everything inside of the cell except for the nucleus. The purpose of the cytoplasm is to fill the interior of the cell. In the hotel, the cytoplasm is everything, but the front desk (nucleus) Nuclear Envelope: The nuclear envelope in the Hotel Hershey is the lobby. The nuclear envelope's job is to provide a membrane layer around the nucleus to protect it. Since the front desk (nucleus) is inside the lobby (nuclear envelope), the lobby protects/surrounds the front desk. Nucleus The Nucleus in the Hotel Hershey is the front desk. The front desk controls everything that goes on in the hotel, and if something goes wrong, the front desk can always help to fix it. The nucleus's purpose is to control everything that goes on in the cell. Lysosomes The maids/janitors of the hotel represent the lysosomes. The lysosome's job is to is to keep the cell clean, and the maids' job is also to keep the hotel clean. Ribosomes Advertisements for the hotel are represented as the ribosomes. The purpose of ribosomes in a cell is to assemble the proteins and advertisements help get the "proteins" (hotel rooms) sold and assembled with different families. Proteins The proteins are the product of a cell, and the product of a hotel is selling rooms. Therefore, the selling of rooms represents the proteins. Golgi Apparatus The Golgi Apparatus is modification/packaging part of the cell. The people working at the front desk represent this because the people that work there in a hotel make sure that everything goes out of the hotel and change things if they need changed. Vacuole A vacuole is a place in a cell that stores things like water, salts, proteins and carbohydrates. The vacuole of the Hotel Hershey is the closet! The closet stores things like clothes for whoever is staying in the protein (room). Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Here some proteins are modified and components of the cell membrane are assembled. The cash-registers finalize all of the rooms (the customers purchase) and after this they are free to go! Microtubules In a hotel, the elevators transfer the hotel guests from one place to another throughout the hotel. In a cell, the microtubules transfer proteins from one place to another, therefore the microtubules represent the hotel elevators. Chromosomes Chromosomes are like the instruction manual of the cell. The chromosomes hold the DNA and RNA, which is the genetic information. Since the chromosomes are like an instruction manual, these represent the information packets of the hotel which give information and instructions to the guests. microtubules Mitochondria Mitochondria The job of the mitochondria is to provide energy to the cell. The mitochondria releases energy from food molecules. The electric company gives power to the hotel, but the generators in the hotel are the mitochondria! It supplies power and energy to the hotel, so everything can function, like the lights, stoves, TV's, phones, etc. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum's job is to detoxify harmful compounds from the cell. The SER in the Hotel Hershey are the front doors and the doormen! The doormen make sure that everything going into the hotel (our cell) looks okay and no sketchy or harmful people walk in. Nuclear Membrane The nuclear membrane encloses the nucleus and keeps everything else out of it. The walls of the lobby and the walls around the front desk (nucleus) serve as the nuclear membrane in the Hotel Hershey. The walls surrounding the front desk keep SER, RER, vacuoles, etc. out! Microfilament Microfilaments support the cell and help with the movement of things inside of the cell. The elevators help move things inside of the Hotel Hershey and doors help support the cell. Both things allow for movement inside of this cell and help for support. Microfilament Microtubules Microtubules transfer organelles from one place to another in a cell. The elevators in a hotel transfer the guests from one floor to another. Therefore, the microtubules represent the elevators in a hotel. Chromosomes The chromosomes in the Hotel Hershey are the guest check in books. The person manning the front desk keeps track of who is staying in which rooms. The chromosomes contain the genetic information in a cell and if the front desk didn't have the check in book, there would be confusion and chaos. Nucleolus The nucleolus is where the assembly of ribosomes begins. In the hotel, the ribosomes are the advertisements. Since the nucleolus begin to make the ribosomes (advertisements), the nucleolus is the computers at the front desk that start to put the advertizements together.
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