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Modern Day Witch Hunts

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on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Modern Day Witch Hunts

Modern Day Witch Hunts
Historical Witch Hunts around the World
Making Connections With Historical and Modern Day Witch Hunts
The Salem witch hunts lasted from June through September 1692, nineteen men and women convicted of witchcraft were transported to Gallows Hill for hanging, hundreds of others faced accusations of witch craft, four accused witches died in prison and one man had been pressed to death by heavy stones.
The Salem Witch Hunts
The witch hunts in Hartford were the first witch hunt trials. witchcraft was one of the 12 capitals crimes decreed by Connecticut's colonial government in 1642.
The Hartford Witch hunts
European Witch Hunt Panic
For 3 centuries during early European history, people went through a panic over the idea of alleged witches among them. In central Europe, especially, witch hunts resulted in torture and execution. Over 26,000 men and women died during this period.
Cause and Outcomes
Papua New Guinea
Last February, Kepari Leniata was forced to confess to "killing" her son with sorcery. She was tortured with metal rods, showered in petrol, and thrown on a fire of burning tires by local villagers.
Bihar, India
Nunu Devi, a 70 year old womn, head women of Khagaria village was accused of causing the illness that disabled two of her neighbors. Villagers asked her to cure them, when she said she could not, they attacked her. She ended up in the hospital with serious injuries.
Papua, New Guinea
Muslim Prejudice

Especially after 9/11, the preconceived idea of Muslim has evolved to a negative one. Although, not all Muslims were involved in the tragic effect, Americans can't help but fear them. This is seen as well in Witch Hunts. The accusations are exaggerated because of the "possibility."
“It is reprehensible that women, the old, and the weak in our society, should be targeted for alleged sorcery or wrongs that they actually have nothing to do with,” -PNG Prime Minister O’Neill.
Angela, was accused for the death of two young men. She was taken to the police for safety but the accuser over took the guards and took her. She was tortured with burning iron rods. she was eventually let down and taken to the hospital where she recovered. she is now in hiding along with her young son.

Historical connection to Modern Day witch hunts
An instructor from Long Island was fired from her job for appearing to look like a witch to the principal (whom is a devout Christian). Similar to Salem, both accusers were members of a religious group that based itself on totalitarian control and the aggressive expression of those who oppose them. Wrongfully sentenced to face the consequences, both the “witches” of Salem and this innocent woman of the present day suffered terrible loss.
Appearing like a Witch

In Africa, Pakema Bleg was accused by her own flesh and blood. Women were obviously seen as suspicious since Bleg was not even present when the situation occurred. The ritual test was completed and determined that Bleg was “guilty” so she fled. A camp called Gnani in Northern Ghana was a savior to over 900 people who were accused of witch practices. In some cases, actual witches seek refuge in this camp since it’s said that their powers are void on this holy land.
Many victims; however, do in fact think they are witches. . The history of Salem witch trials has left modern victims feeling hopeless to escaping the accusation of being a witch. Now, people doubt their own legitimacy even though they may be innocent.
Women harshly accused


Because blacks and latinos are naturally seen as a threat, New York police often frisked individuals who seemed suspicious. Sunil Tripath, a 22 year old, was a victim of false accusations. Discrimination is a comparison of how people in the 16th and 17th century were accused because of their facial features.
Modern day Witch Hunts: Ghana Witch Camp
A witch camp is a settlement where women suspected of being witches can flee for safety, usually in order to avoid being attacked by neighbors. Witch camps exist only in Ghana, Africa, where there are six of them, housing a total of around 1000 women. The camps are said to have come into existence more than 100 years ago, when village chiefs decided to establish isolated safe areas for the women.
HISTORICAL WITCH HUNTS: The First American Witch Hunt
Thirty years before the Salem witch trials, America’s first witch hunt swept through another colonial New England town, Hartford, Connecticut.
During that period, there were 46 prosecutions and at least 11 executions.
The Kellys testified that their daughter first took ill the night after she returned home with her neighbor, and that she exclaimed, “Father! Father! Help me, help me! Goodwife Ayres is upon me. She chokes me. She kneels on my belly. She will break my bowels. She pinches me. She will make me black and blue.” After Elizabeth’s death, accusations of witchcraft began, and accusations at numerous townspeople.
In 1662, John and Bethia Kelly grieved over the body of their 8-year-old daughter inside their Hartford, Connecticut, home. These parents, looking for any explanation for their loss, saw the hand of the devil at work. The parents were convinced that Elizabeth had been fatally possessed by Ayres.
Making Connections
Since the beginning of witchcraft accusations, the same level of uncertainty and suspicion has driven the particular cases that have presented themselves all around the world. In very few cases has there been actual evidence of the un-Godly practices and a fair trial given to the perpetrators. Nothing has changed!
Both historical witch hunts and modern day cases usually end up in execution. All though it is not present in the United States like in the colonial period, many 3rd World territories still share radical beliefs in the practices of devil worship and its severe punishment to this day.
The End
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