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group 1

No description

Leah Ferrell

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of group 1

Group 1
Chapter 5
Question 8
To what degree does what we know and bring to a photograph, affect the way we respond to and interpret the photograph? If you had never heard of the Holocaust and were shown pictures of people in the concentration camps, would the pictures have the same impact? Explain your answer.
The Civil Rights Movement
If I were to see this photo and had no idea what was going on I would have simply thought people were protesting to get jobs or into schools. Knowing about the movement I know that it was much more than just wanting jobs. It was wanting equal rights.
I chose this photo because by just looking at it one would think man that is a lot of people, this must be a big rally, speaking event or someone running for office. Knowing about it you can look at it with a much different perspective.
Leah: The Civil Rights Movement
Taylor: The Holocaust
Miles: Katrina
Alyssa: Occupy Wall Street

Val, Chad, Angel, Leo
(TaNekia in case of emeregency)

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