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Dooms Day

No description


on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Dooms Day

Michelle, Caleb, Keith, Jack Doomsday Future Enlarging Earth's Orbit EMP Attack/Explosion Meteor Strike Vials Tribulation The Tribulation is the Christian view of how the world will end, taken from the Bible. Verses from the Bible have been interpreted to possible things by experts ( Interpretations are just educated guesses and may be inaccurate.) The Tribulation has five main stages which happen in a time period of seven years, The Rapture, The Seals Judgements, The Trumpet Judgements, The Vial Judgements, and The Battle of Armageddon. The Rapture How You Can Prepare Bibliography Michelle
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John T. Yates "Fatih Bible Institute" Volume 6 The Bible... The Rapture is when Jesus comes down from heaven to collect the Christians and brings them to heaven. The time of the Rapture is unknown, the only thing known is they shall be gone "In the blink of an eye." Some believe the Rapture shall happen before the Tribulation (Pre-Wrath), in the middle of the Tribulation ( Mid-Wrath), or after the Tribulation (Post-Wrath). Seals There is a scroll in heaven with seven seals on it. The Seal Stage opens up the Tribulation. As each seal is broken something happens.
1: The Antichrist (A man who is said to be the opposite of Jesus, he is the son of Satan. The Antichrist is bent upon bringing the entire world under on economy, government, and religion, with him as ruler) rises to power.
2: Israel is invaded and WWIII starts.
3:Everything becomes super expensive.
4:One fourth (1/4) of the population is killed by every imaginable way.
5:Those killed by the Antichrist (they were killed because they didn't wear his mark, a beast or "666" imprinted on the wrist which becomes mandatory) cry out for justice.
6: A giant earthquake strikes the world and all land moves. Hydrogen explosions cause color changes in the sun and moon. Missiles, asteroids, or comets fall all over the Earth.
Between: After the 6th Seal God expected people to repent, but they didn't so he broke the 7th seal.
7: 7 angles are given 7 trumpets (one trumpet to each angel). The 7th seal is just an opening for the Trumpet Stage. In 5 billion years, the sun gets brighter, and hotter.
Scientist think that the sun will shine 10 percent brighter than it does now.
It's energy would heat Earth over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
The earth will be overheated. The sun is the closest star, so that makes it easier to getting overheated.
Any changes in how much heat and light the sun produces could have trmendous consequences for everything on earth.
Klaus-Peter Schroeder of the University of Guanajuato in Mexico said, "Shifting the path of these rocky passers-by so that they move in front of Earth should create a slight pull on the planet and help it speed it up. Earth's quicker pace would make its orbit slightly larger. If done enough times over millions of years, earth's orbit could swell by about 5 percent, which would translate into about 10 percent less solar engery reaching our planet." EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse
can be triggered by a supersized solar storm or a terrorist atomic bomb or A-bomb
this is capable of disabling the electric grid that runs modern life
can result in intense magnetic fields, which can induce ground currents powerful enough to burn out power lines and other electrical equipment
the U.S. is having nuclear concerns from Iran and North Korea currently
North Korea has an intercontinental ballistic missile
this missile is capable of delivering a nuclear weapon to the U.S. Trumpets The trumpets stage was the second stage. As each trumpet was blown, something would happen on Earth.
1: Fiery hail or iced asteroids shall fall upon the Earth, destroying 1/3 of all vegetation on Earth.
2: Volcanic activity, a meteor, or nuclear activity shall kill 1/3 of sea creatures and 1/3 of salt water turns to blood with the blood of the sea creatures.
3: Chemical or nuclear warfare poisons 1/3 of the fresh water and millions die of thirst and poison.
4: Massive dust clouds cause 1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars to darken, which causes food and people to freeze.
5: Satan creates an abyss that leads to Hell. Out of the abyss rise devils which torture humans for 5 months. This is the first invasion of devils. Take note that people also aren't allowed to die.
6: 200 million demons attack Earth for 13 months. 1/3 of the population dies. This is the second invasion of demons.
Between: After the 6th trumpet, God sends 2 prophets to Earth to preach his word (to see if men are willing to repent.) The prophets are murdered by the Antichrist and humans celebrate their deaths.
This causes the 7th trumpet to be blown.
7: Angels rejoice in God and the Vial Stage begins. The vials stage is the 4th stage of the Tribulation. The vials are poured out and something happens on Earth. The Vials stage is viewed as the most painful stage. There are 7 vials that are poured out, and 7 happenings.
1: The followers of the Antichrist are infected with terrible sores.
2: All the sea creatures die and all the sea turns to blood.
3: All the fresh water is turned to blood.
4: Great heat comes to the Earth, burning humans.
5: Severe pain torments men and a huge dust or ash cloud covers the Earth, making everything darkened.
6: Euphrates River dries up in preparation for the Battle of Armageddon.
7: Greatest earthquake ever happens, sinking islands and destroying all cities. Battle of Armageddon 1. Water- At least a gallon per day, per person. A filter capable of safely filtering fresh water rivers and lakes will be helpful as well.
2. Food- Canned foods, MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat)
3. Protection/Shelter
4. Portable Electronic Items- such as: battery powered radios or TV's, and extra batteries-things that won't be affected by EMP
5. Flashlights- (extra batteries)
6. First Aid Kit- and other medical items
7. Hygiene and Sanitation items
8. Matches- (waterproof container)
9. Kitchen/Cooking items
10. Cash and Coins
11. Generator
12. Extra clothing and blankets- (typically for people in cold climates) The Times report states, "North Korea is a mortal nuclear threat to the United States-right now." Being calm
Food and water
It should take 20 min. for the full effect.
Find a local jail (it will block most of the effects).
barricades (after you are at the local Prison.)
If you see a black light dim over the earth stop and stay calm.
The only way the meteor could hit the earth is if it breaks through the earths atmosphere and if it was big enough to make it through.
Most of your electrical will be out once it makes it through the atmosphere .
The "sonic boom" it will destroy mostly everything cause it's when it breaks through the barrier.
If you see the meteor go either UNDERGROUND or local police station. The Battle of Armageddon is the last stage of the Tribulation. The Battle of Armageddon is also known as "Earth's Last Battle" because it the last battle before Earth is destroyed.

The Euphrates River dried up so the armies of the East (China and Russia) could travel across it to Israel in the valley of Meggido.

Four angels of God lead all the sinful armies and people of the world to Jerusalem, the place of the Battle of Armageddon. When the corrupt people arrive, an army of angles led by Jesus shall descend from heaven and and destroy the people of the Earth. The battle last only one day and God's side kills every last person and demon. After this battle, the Earth simply ceases to exist. Tribulation Meteor Strike EMP Attack Sun Heating Earth Quote Scientist suggests that they can enlarge earth's orbit.

They can speed up earth's orbit by moving the path of rocky passers.

Making the orbit larger means that the earth will be further away from the sun.
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