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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking presentation at #ديجتاليزر Event

mahmoud abdelgawad

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of Growth Hacking

1- What is Growth Hacking ?
2- The ordinary marketing strategy !
3- The Growth Hacker skills.
4- Prepare well before the Growth !
5- The Pirates Metrics "Framework" AARRR.
6- Summary.
7- Task :D
What's Growth Hacking ?
The ordinary marketing strategy
The Growth Hacker Skills
Prepare well before the Growth !
1- The product should be ready for the growth !

2- No Fire without a flame !

3- You have to work with a Framework.

4- Don't forget the MPT mix in every phase.
The Pirates Metrics "AARRR Framework"
- Growth Hacking is how to gain exposure incredibly.

- Plan as you have zero budget and the enhance it.

- Growth Hacking skills MPT.

- Preparations.

- No fire without a flame.

- AARRR Framework.
Task :D :D :D
- Search for the most successful growth hacking stories
as much as possible and share them and mention me ;)
Free your mind,
It's just a technique.
Growth Hacking
For Marketing In Steps
Mahmoud Abd Elgawad
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