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Paired Texts: Who Are You Today, Maria?

Students will compare/contrast Cofer's Who Are You Today, Maria? and Mora's poem Mi Madre.

Evelyn Hart

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of Paired Texts: Who Are You Today, Maria?

Anticipatory Writing Activity
(Reading Reflection Journal)
Across Genre Texts: Who Are You Today, Maria?
Mi Madre

Another Anticipatory Activity

Vocabulary Expansion

1. Sets a purpose for reading.

2, Brings prior knowledge and personal experiences so that he or she can better connect AND understand what he or she is reading.

3. Uses context clues or a dictionary to become familar with words he or she has never seen before.

4. Takes meaningful and relevant notes on the side margins of the text.

5. Questions the text. Asks questions to engage with the text.

6. ANNOTATES! (Circles, highlights, underlines, uses
symbols, etc.
Review: What Does a Critical Reader Do?
PURPOSE: Read this SHORT STORY to find out how the main character reveals her cultural identity.
The Text: Who Are You Today, Maria?
How would you describe Maria? Abuela? Umi? Label your EVIDENCE.

Point of View
- Label the text as 1st person, 3rd person limited or 3rd person omniscient, AND find proof throughout the text. (Why did the author choose this POV?)

Plot Development
- EXP, RA, CLMX, FA and RES.
What is the MAJOR conflict? What are the events that lead to its resolution? How is the conflict resolved?

- What does Cofer do to make the reading more meaningful? What does she do to make the THEME clear? What types of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE does she use?

What YOU Should
Be Annotating...
What are some POSSIBLE lessons/messages that the author wants to CONVEY?

THEME: How Does this CONNECT with LIFE?
What MUST be in YOUR SAR answer?
Literary SAR Practice
8th Grade Pre-AP English/Reading
Mrs. Evelyn Marie Hart-Benavides

WYR Question #1
Based on the 1st paragraph, what can we INFER about Maria and her friend Whoopee? (What text shows this?)
WYR Question #2
What does Mr. Golden mean when he advises students to think about their choices and consider if they are going to walk around as jokes or poems?
WYR Question #3
Why has Maria's principal asked the students to participate in "Who Are You Day"? (What textual evidence tells you this?)
WYR Question #4
Based on what you've read so far, how would you describe Maria. (Use adjectives/character traits and STEAL to help you out.)
WYR Question #5
What can you INFER about Maria's relationship with her family? With her grandmother? (Proof. You NEED PROOF!)
WYR Question #6
How would we describe Umi? What does Maria say to help us figure out what type of person Umi is? What part of STEAL does this primarily apply to?
WYR Question #7
What do Abuela's words signify for Maria? What is Abuela's purpose? Explain.
WYR Question #8
How does Maria feel about her culture--being Puerto Rican?
WYR Question #9
Why does Maria think she is a POEM, not a joke? (Textual evidence, please!)
The PEOPLE we LOVE are ALL part of who WE are.
How is this THEME reflected in the short story?
You know what's next, right?
(IB) What part of your identity do you want others to see? Why? How important is your culture to you? Explain.
Like always...
I am happiest when...
I feel loved when...
I know my friends and family care when...
I am at my BEST when...
I can hold my head up high because...
I AM ______, ______, & ______!
STAAR Practice:
Multiple Choice Questions
Anticipation Activity
INM: Poetic Devices
Song Breakdown!
Mom, Mommy, Mother, Madre...
What is your definition of a mother? What characteristics should the PERFECT mother possess? Why? What is/are the role(s) of a mother? In your opinion, can anyone/anything take on the role of a mother? Explain.
Poetry 101
What is the form of this poem?
Now on to the next text...

What is your favorite song? Why? Do you prefer lyrics over beats? Or vice versa? How do songs and poems connect?

3-5 COMPLETE Sentences, please.
How many stanzas does the poem have?
How many lines does this poem have?
Does anything rhyme in the poem?
Is this poem traditional or free-verse?
Sound Devices?
Figurative Language?
What does ALL of this mean?
What does this mean to you?
What can we CONNECT this to...?
Anticipatory Writing #2
What is the hardest part of growing up? What support systems do you need to survive? Who are part of these systems? What would happen if you were forced to spend your teen years ALONE? EXPLAIN.

STAAR Practice: SAR
Hanging Fire by Audre Lorde
Before we Discuss...
In your own words, define NEGLECT. What are some ACTUAL examples of NEGLECT? How can neglect affect someone short-term/long-term? How does this affect someone growing up? EXPLAIN.


STAAR Practice :
MC (Across Genres)
SAR (Sound Devices)
SAR (Across Genres)
Connecting to REAL LIFE
How do individuals voice out their need for attention? How can we answer their cries for help? Should we be held accountable if we refuse to respond? Why or why not? EXPLAIN.

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