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Digestive System!

the best system ever,.

Jordan Riggs

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Digestive System!

What is the Digestive System? Changes the food intake to a form that can be absorbed by cells for energy Energy is used to fuel processes like growth, movement, and reproduction
Tongue teeth! mouth! pharynx! stomach small intestines large intestines Teeth! Tongue! Sweet! Salt Sour Bitter Saliva moistens the food and make it easier to chew
helps the passage of food through the digestive system
begins the process of chemical digestion
teeth! achored by bones of the jaw mechanical work
cutting, tearing, crushing food into smaller fragments large muscular sac
contains mechanical and chemical digestion LINING OF STOMACH millions of gastric glands
release substance MUCUS!
MUCUS protects the stomach wall
hydroelectric makes the stomch acidic
pepsin breaks down down proteins into smallet polypeptide fragments. muscles contract to mix fluids and food producing chyme. Puloric valve opens and the chyme goes into small intestines used for absorbtion or nutrients
fingerlike projections= villa
villa covered with microvilla
slow wavelike contractions move chyme along this surface
esophagus collaspsible tube about ten inches long that protrudes through diaphragm and ends at the opening of the mouth. gallbladder stores bile until the digestive system needs it
sends bile to small intestines where it helps to break down fat. Pancreas gives off digestive juices the juices flow down into the small intestines to help break down fat, protein, and starches
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