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The Ugly Truth about Bullying

No description

Nahee Kim

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of The Ugly Truth about Bullying

Students definition of bullying
"When someone takes advantage of another person."

-Marissa Fuller
What to do if you Experience Bullying
If you Witness bullying
The Ugly Truth about Bullying
By: Nahee Kim, Erick Salazar, and Danielle Blackburn
The Problems of bullying
Bullying leads to Mental and Physical deterioration
School Bullying Policies
1985: School Safety Demonstration Act
Established the School/law Enforcement partnership compromised of the superintendent of public instruction and the attorney General for the development and administration of safe school program partnership was established in effort to make school safer and reduce hate crimes
2003 SB719

"Somebody that is physically and mentally abused."

-Celeste Delgadillo
Thoughts of suicide
Depression and anxiety
Health complications
decrease in academic achievements/school performance
Due to lack of attendance
lack of interest in school/homework
"The act of making fun of someone repeatedly."
-Nate Viramontes
"The constant harassment of another person by making fun of their appearance or causing physical abuse."
-Megan Blackburn
2001: AB79
Requires Department of Education to develop policies on prevention of bullying and conflict resolution
2001: SB257
Specifies that, for school and law enforcement partnership purposes, school crime includes hate crimes and requires the comprehensive school safety plan to include development of a discrimination and harassment policy, as specified and development of hate crime reporting procedures
If you are Being Bullied
Don't be afraid to step in
Inform an administrator/teacher
"The Legislature finas and declares ... The children of this state have the right to an effective public school education. Both students and staff of... school campuses have the constitutional right to be safe and secure in their persons at school. It is intent of the Legislature that all California public schools,... develop a comprehensive school safety plan that addresses the safety concerns identified through systematic planning process

Provides Protection for youths in school including those who have different sexual orientation. This act strengthens schools safe and fight bias and harassment by requiring the California Department of Education to monitor school compliance. This act guides school districts in adopting publicizing anti-harassment policies and complaint procedures

Experiences with bullying
Learn self defense to protect yourself
Give the victim support with
dealing with their bully
Try to show as little reaction as possible when being bullied
Get help from a teacher/administrator
Try to avoid the bully as much as possible
The Wrap up
Work Cited
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Education code 48900
Students are to be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion for engaging in acts of bullying
Education Code 48900.4
Students are to be suspended or recommend for expulsion of superintendent or principle determines that student has intentionally engages in harassment, threats, intimidation against school district personnel or pupils
What students should know
Bullying is a serious issue.
It may start out as "harmless" name calling or "jokes", but then it eventually gets out of hand.
People start to pick on a certain person
This harassment, might even lead to physical abuse.
people stand by and watch but don't do anything to help,
it makes the victim feel even more worthless.
They feel like there is no one to turn to
some of them even turn to suicide,
just by sticking up for that person can be a huge difference.
It lets the victim realize that they aren't alone.
If you see someone being bullied, or are being bullied yourself, remember that you aren't alone.
Report it to a trusted teacher or your parents and you can get the help you need.
La Habra Student Survey
Out of 15 students, 73% said they have been bullied
87% agreed that bullying is a serious problem
67% said they have bullied others in the past
73% had witnessed bullying
87% have not reported bullying
2007 Ab 394 Safe Place to Learn Act
"I have suffered from racial profiling and comments" - Nahee Kim
"I was verbally and physically abused and was also isolated in middle school" Erick Salazar
"I was constantly picked on and made fun of in elementary school" -Danielle Blackburn
"I have been physically and verbally bullied due to my sexual preferences." -Julian Tinsley
"When i came from Mexico when i was little i was made fun of because i couldnt speak English." -Ana Ortiz
Intro to the Problem
Everyday 1 out 6 students are bullied at school
This makes schools seem unsafe
It causes the victims to not want to go to school
The victims will end up with deep scars that sometimes never heal.
In extreme cases it could lead to the victim committing suicide

(L.H. Students)
(L.H. Students)
("La Habra High School..." )
("La Habra High School..." )
Physical Bullying
Verbal Bullying
Cyber Bullying
1) Have you ever been bullied?

2) How often do you see bullying in
your class?

3)Do you feel their is a bullying problem at La Habra?

4) Do you think our school is doing enough to prevent bullying?

5) What changes do we need to do to help prevent bullying?

6) How often do you look at our school bullying policy?

7)What do you do to prevent bullying?

8) When was the last time you've experienced a case of bullying?

teachers thoughts
Mr. Edwards and Mrs. French
Yes I have been.

Yes, when I was 8 years old.
About 5 times a year.

I rarely see it.

I think there"s a bullying problem at every high school.

Of course.

They could do more effective things.

No, the school can't be everywhere.
Teach martial arts to protect themselves.

Once a year.

Once a year.

I try to over hear as many conversations as possible.

I address it immediately and give the bully a referal.

Earlier this year. I try to deal with the victim more.

3 years ago.
(L.H. Teachers)
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