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Intermediate 4


G F Dowling

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Intermediate 4

unit 11 Do people in this country have these things?
Do you know someone who has any of these things?
If you could have one of these things, which would you chose? Why? Money Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?
Have you ever won anything?
What did you win? Have you ever stayed in a hotel?
Where? Why?
What's important for a good hotel?
What makes a bad hotel? Hotels $ $ $ $ Why can't I understand those gringos? Pronunciation Hint: The words are stuck together Would you buy a lottery ticket?
Why or why not? How do you comfort a friend? What do you wish? Is a wish a real situation? Presently
My computer won't turn on
I can't swim well
I am not young
He doesn't have a girlfriend Wish
I wish my computer would work
I wish I could swim well
I wish I were younger
He wishes (that) he had a girlfriend What does "strike it rich" mean? What biographical TV shows have you seen? get + noun
get + adjective
get + past participle
get + preposition Is lying ever ok? How do you feel when people lie to you?
Do you think it's ok for people to lie to you? intonation Repeated word Wh- question Have you ever been dissatisfied with restaurant food?
What happened?
What did you do? What would you do if Would you ever___? i would Unit 12 What interesting places have you been?
Why was it interesting? What do you know about Greenland? Stressed words and syllables are said LOUDER softer Have you ever had a summer job?

What summer job would you like? What do you like?
What are you like?
What do you look like? What game shows do you like?
Which ones have question and answers? What are some interesting man-made objects in Peru? Write an article using the passive and active voice National Geographic Magazine is holding a writing contest. The winning article will be published in its next magazine. The topic is famous architectural landmarks. Active subject verb (any tense) object Passive Subjectbe (any tense)past participle(by object) Active subject+simple present/past/future+object Passive Subject+be+past participle+(by +object ) have been+past participle
will be
(modal) be/ have been have+past participle I like to play soccer.
I like playing soccer.
I like soccer.
I am friendly.
I am tall. like infinitive
like gerund
like noun
be adjective
be adjective preference
appearace http://youtu.be/HyaVhIKijyM What are some things you are unable to do? What are some things you are prohibited from doing? couldn't
don't have to
may not
had better not
can't impossible
not necessary
not allowed
bad idea
not able Money makes the world go 'round Write about your money experience Use a title How I ___ a lot of money. borrowed/ lost/ saved made/ spent/ wasted Use at least three negative modals Think of very wealthy people. Who are they? How did they become rich? Juan Fernando Belmont Anderson Carlos Slim Helu Unit 12 Endangered species How many can you name? Do you know of any efforts to preserve them? Rain forests Where are they?

What types of animals and plants are there? PAUSE SUMMER JOB Have you ever had a summer job?

What did you do?

Did you like it? Have you ever lived with a roommate?

Where did you live?

What was it like? What are some different uses for the word "like"? Have you ever traveled to an unusual place?
Where was it?
What sights did you see? Engineer Underground? Have you ever been Have you ever been in a tall building?
What was it like? What are some major development problems in Lima? Are opinions divided on the projects? Why?
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