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Caty Palka

project for S.S

Catherine Palka

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Caty Palka

The Roadster The Roadster is an electrically powered car This invention is not used by everybody only people who have to travel short distances. This invention helps save the earth by lessening the polution, unlike the gas powered car. The roadster is more economical because, you dont have to pay for gas. If the Roadster electrally powered car was not invented our enviornment would be more quickly demolished, people would not be able to have different options for picking a type of car, and they would have to pay even more money for gas. By: Caty Palka The Tesla Roadster can be charged right in your garage. The Tesla Roadster looks like a two seater sports car that comes in a variety of different colors.
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