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Untitled Prezi

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Bram Dewolfs

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

* What is Pic Nic The Streets?

* The Seed

* The Build Up & Buzz

* The Success

* Cornerstones

* The Future
What is Pic Nic The Streets?
Where & When was the seed planted ?
Not with the first Pic Nic
Numbers = Power
The Buzz
Event + Group kept on growing
More media coverage
& exposure
Team Effort
More invites + shares on social media
The Pic Nic Tree
Social Media
Conventional Media
Info from friends
* A (disobedient) movement of civilians
* = us & Everybody
* No "structure" or hierarchy
* No leader or fixed representative
* No political color
* Social Media
* Regular Press Releases
* Interviews
* Visuals, Website, Flyers,....
Team Effort
* Safety
* Trash
* Animation
* Lobbying (police, politics)
Behind the scenes
Getting the word out
The First Pic Nic
* 2500 - 3000 people
* Nice Weather
* All Political Parties
(wanted a piece of the
* Low threshold
* We got the word out
* Fun & Social
* Nice Weather
Exposure & Rattling the cage
* Getting Message Across
* Politicians feeling uncomfortable ??

Pic Nic The Streets Cornerstones
* Multilingual

* Open for anyone

* Anonymity (Press): first name – pseudonym: Véronique, Piknik Achu

* Disobedient & Pacifistic

* "Angry" but with a positive message

* More than just Mobility: Livability & Sustainability

The City Council promises to liberate (parts of?) the Central Boulevards within their legislative term.
A Promise from our Mayor
Mobility became a major electoral issue & is intensively covered by local & national media
In the Spotlight
House Hold Name
Pic Nic The Streets achieved brand awareness
& became a house hold name, facilitating future actions.
"Seed Planting"
We might have contributed to a domino effect
facilitating other initiatives: Les Boulistes Bruxellois, Urban Foxes, CanalPark BXL, ...
"Furieux. Je ne peux pas m'empêcher de l'être
en pensant à ma ville lorsque je découvre comment d'autres parviennent à transfigurer leurs places publiques, à aménager leurs espaces centraux, pour rendre agréable d'y flâner, de s'y rencontrer, de humer l'air sur un banc, de s'attarder à une terrasse. En comparaison, malgré quelques progrès – trop timides, trop lents – Bruxelles, sous cet angle, reste lamentable."

“Boos, woedend zelfs kan ik worden als ik aan mijn stad denk. Zeker wanneer ik zie hoe andere steden, in België en in het buitenland, er wél in slagen hun openbare ruimte onder handen te nemen. Ze leggen de centrale plekken in de stad opnieuw aan, zorgen ervoor dat het aangenaam is om er te flaneren, om elkaar te ontmoeten. Je kunt er de frisse lucht opsnuiven op een bank of op een terrasje. In vergelijking met andere steden doet Brussel het op dit vlak bedroevend slecht. En al is er een lichte vooruitgang, hij is te bescheiden en loopt tergend traag.”

“Furious. I can’t avoid getting furious when I realize how many cities manage to transfigure their public squares, to upgrade their central areas, to make it pleasant to stroll, to meet, to breathe the clean air on a bench, to linger on a terrace, whereas in comparison, despite some progress – too timid, too slow – Brussels, in this regard, remains awful.”
I hope that the FaceBook generation accepts this challenge....

* Several initiatives were launched only hours after publication (events, groups) via Facebook

* Joining forces + coordinating information ( 1 group: Avenue Picknick Laan, 1 event: by Soft revolter)

* Meeting on the same night as publication open letter PVP
Le Soir // Brussel Deze Week // The Bulletin
What is Picnic The Streets?
* A disobedient movement of civilians
* Open for everybody
* Functioning in a horizontal way
* No real structure
* No political ties
* No fixed spoke person or founder
Press Release

2nd Giant Picnic The Streets on Sunday, 24th of June

PIC NIC THE STREETS ! Reclaim the Streets !
We are still furious! We demand a liveable Brussels,

The 1st Giant Pic Nic at the Anspach Boulevard was a huge success. With this action over 3.000 people demanded more high quality public spaces in Brussels.
They want a city with less space for cars, and more space to ride a bike, go for a walk, and hang out. Through bold interventions, like those in other European capitals, they hope to make Brussels a more liveable place.
* 2 or 3 languages

* Anonymity: first name basis or pseudonym (Véonique, Piknik Achu)

* Open for everybody

* Dissobedient but pacifistic

* Angry but positive

* More than just mobility, more & better public space & liveability
The Cornerstones of the Movement
Pic Nic the Streets 2013 = Pic Nic More Streets!

3 Options:

1. Do nothing
2. One big Pic Nic during the summer
3. An action in April at location X, an action in June at location Y, action in June at Beursplein.

Plan Actions: Why?

Task forces start Tonight:

Group Press
Group Communication
Group Lobby
Group Action
Group Expansion/Growth
And Now? The Future?
The Picnic Squad
* The Core team: motivated and willing to invest time & effort

* Enthusiasts: occasional involvement (promo, website, help ...)

* Pic Nic participants: present at the Pic Nic
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