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Types of Poetry

No description

leeroy jenkins

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Types of Poetry

The Many Different Types of Poetry Concrete Poetry Concrete poetry or shape poetry where the poem is arranged in the shape of an object such as a flower or balloon.I think this poem is cool because I can do whatever I want with it.I could write it about batman and than make the shape,batman's head!I like this concrete poem because I like pandas. Acrostic Poetry Acrostic Poems are poems in which a word is spelt down the side and each letter starts a sentence
such as:
Big and round
A lot of fun
Little ones too
Liked by everyone
when the first letter and last letter are the same it is called shadow poetry.These are easy to write.That is why I like them.I like this poem because Its looks so nice and it shows how easy it is to write a acrostic poem Limerick Poetry Limerick poems are nonsensical(don't make sense) poems with the rhyming pattern of aabba.They consist of 5 lines.These are easy because they don't need to make a lot of sense.I like this poem because its about a monster eating homework but it is just a lie and that is funny. Haiku Poetry Haiku are poems that are mainly about nature.They consist of 3 lines.Lines 1 and 3 have 5 syllables.Line 2 has 7 syllables.I like this poem because it is kind of like the one I wrote. Ode A ode is a poem that praises and gloryifys a person,place or thing.It is usually 4 stanzas and a refrain.This one is hard to write.I like this poem because I think sleeves are under used and no one appreciates them Ballad a short narrative poem with stanzas of two or four lines and usually a refrain.The story of a ballad can originate from a wide range of subject matter but most frequently deals with folk-lore or popular legends.Ballads are straight forward.They are nice to hear but hard to write.

Oh the ocean waves may roll, And the stormy winds may blow, While we poor sailors go skipping aloft And the land lubbers lay down below, below, below And the land lubbers lay down below.

I like this poem because my poppy is a fisherman and it reminds me of him. Epic A epic is a long narrative poem celebrating the adventures and achievements of a hero.Epics deal with the traditions,mythical or historical of a nation.Epics are indeed epic. This is the first three stanzas of the epic of beowulf:
A mighty man was Scyld, ruler of the Gar-Danes. From far across the whale-path men paid him tribute and bore witness to his power. Beowulf was his son, a youth endowed with glory, whose fame spread far and wide through all the Danish land.

When the time came for Scyld to die he ordered his thanes to prepare the ring-stemmed ship, laden with treasures, battle-weed, and swords, and place him in the death-chamber. Laden with his people’s gifts, and sailing under a golden banner, he passed from sight, none knew whither.

After him ruled Beowulf, and after him Healfdene,–brave warriors and kind monarchs. When, after Healfdene’s death, his son Hrothgar succeeded him, his fame in war inclined all his kinsmen towards him, and he, too, became a mighty monarch.

this epic speaks to me because he is a warrior and i like warriors. Elegy The elegy began as an ancient greek metrical form and is traditionally written in response to the death of a person or group.I wrote one about Sub Zero before.This elegy relates to me because I like supernatural things like witches,monsters or ghosts. Narrative Poetry Narrative Poetry is a poem that tells a series of events using poetic devices such as rhythm,rhyme,compact language and attention to sound.In other words, a narrative poem tells a story,but it does it with poetic flair!
Mother is in the hospital for an operation and Grandma Sanderson has come to take care of us. She’s strict. If I’m two minutes late from play, she grips my wrist tightly and swings me to a chair to think about it. I skin my kneeand get a deep cut. She looks worried. “When you go to school, ask the nurse what to do.” On the way home, I remember I’ve forgotten.
I know this is more serious
than being late from play.
I imagine a spanking,
early to bed for a week,
or extra work on Saturday.
She asks me what the nurse said.
“Wash it very carefully
with soap and water,
dry it, put on vaseline
and then place a band-aid over the top.”
(That’s what Mother
would have said,
except she’d use
iodine which stings.)
I like this poem because I can related.When i forget stuff I may make a small white lie. Diamante a seven lined contrast poem set up in a diamond shape.

Line 1:noun or subject
Line 2:two adjectives describing the noun
Line 3:three-ing words describing the noun
Line 4:four words:two about the noun,two about the antonym/synonym
Line 5:three-ing words about the antonym/synonym
Line 6:two adjectives describing the antonym/synonym
Line 7:antonym/synonym

refreshing.dripping splattering

I really like the rain and the snow because I go sliding and I like running in the rain. Cinquain a short,usually unrhymed poem consisting of twenty-two syllables distributed as 2,6,8,2 in five lines.It was developed by the imagist poet, Adelaide Crapsey.

Line 1:noun
Line 2:Description of noun
Line 3:action
Line 4:feeling or effect
Line 5:synonym of the initial noun

Lived once,
Long ago, but
Only dust and dreams
I really like this poem because it is about dinosaurs. Quatrain a poem consisting of four lines of verse with a specific rhyming scheme.The rhyme scheme is either abab, abba, aabb or aaba bbcb ccdc dddd

Music is really active
It's always a lot of fun
There is no need to run off
I'm always up for a dance.

I like music so I choose this poem because it connects to me. Sonnet a sonnet are poems that have to do with love.They have 14 lines.They rhyme scheme is abab cdcd.A good example is When I first saw the gift in front of me,I was excited by its curling bow,Its bright blue paper beaming beautif'lly.And after some time, I unwrapped it. "O!"I said, "Why it's a book of poetry."Its cover intrigued. I read a po-em about a pirate of some fancy,Who had no treasures of gold to bestowUpon his fair maiden. His destiny;The poet's rambling, didn't impress me, soI set the book aside. A sad trophyCollecting dust. A minor memento.And then something happen'd, almost divine,One day that book said, "Be My Valentine!"
I like this poem because it makes me thing of happy people on valentine's day. Free Verse Free verse is an open form of poetry that does not use have a pattern so it tends to follow the rhythm of natural speech.

Free verse poems
are hard to write
My rhymes are weird
likes donkeys.
I like donkeys.
They smell like cheese.
So do mice.
Because they eat cheese.
I like cheese.

I like this poem because I wrote it. Lyric Lyric poems express feelings and are not usually set to music.They are what you find in songs.
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,And Mourners to and froKept treading - treading - till it seemedThat Sense was breaking through -And when they all were seated,A Service, like aDrum -Kept beating - beating - till I thoughtMy Mind was going numb - And then I heard them lift a BoxAnd creak across my SoulWith those same Boots of Lead, again,Then Space - began to toll,As all the Heavens were a Bell,And Being, but an Ear,And I, and Silence, some strangeRace Wrecked, solitary, here -And then a Plank in Reason, broke,And I dropped down, and down -And hit a World, at every plunge,And Finished knowing - then -
I like this poem because it is very erie and creepy.
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