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Copy of Airport Service Blueprint

No description

abid hossain

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Airport Service Blueprint

Time Line
Act 1
Front Stage
Line of interaction
Line of Visibility
Books ticket
Website admin
checks availability
and records order
Line of Internal
Physical Interactions
-Shows up at airport
-Parks car
-Gets parking pass
-Sells customer
a parking pass
Maintain the
parking lots
Back Stage
-Checks bags
-Gets boarding
-Takes ticket/bags
-Gives boarding pass
-Takes bags and puts
them on cart
-Drives cart across
runway to the plane
Maintain the plane and
the luggage card
-Goes through
security check

-Physically inspect
the customer and assist
through the metal
-Watch the x-ray machine
and security cameras
Maintain security
-Wait in the boarding
area until seat number
is called
-Get in line at the door to
board the plane
-Show attendant boarding
-Check boarding
pass and allow customer
onto the plane
-Check plane to make sure
it is up to safety standards
Act 2
-Find seat
-Put carry-on luggage
in overhead compartment
-Wait until the plane takes
-Greet passengers and assist
with putting up luggage
-Air traffic control station
sets up a takeoff/landing
Maintain the runways
and air traffic control
-Pilots prepare for takeoff and
keep everyone informed of
the plane's progree
-Listen's to safety
-Shuts off all electronics
-Fasten's seat belt when
the light turns on
-Gives passengers
safety instructions
-Pilots and air traffic control
arrange a spot to takeoff
-Pilots drive the plane to
the runway and takeoff when
-Passengers are allowed
to take off seatbelts and
use electronics again.
-Passenger eats, sleeps, or
watches a movie
-Crew gets food, drinks,
pillows, headphones, etc.
for the passenger
-Pilot controls the plane
while updating passengers
of the flight's progress
-When preparing for landing,
passengers fasten seatbelts, turn off
electronics, and put their seat in the
upright position
-Crew assists passengers and checks
to ensure safety before landing
-Pilot communicates with control tower
and finds out where to land
-Pilot circles the plane around over the
runway until given clearance to land
Act 3
-Plane lands and passengers
are asked to leave the plane
-Crew assists passengers
with exiting the plane
-Baggage is loaded onto
a cart and brought to the
baggage claim area
-Maintain baggage claim
-Pick up trash and clean up
the plane
-Passenger waits for
luggage and then takes it
to the loading area or
parking lot
-Crew helps passengers
find lost luggage
-Loads up vehicle
and leaves airport
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