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Table Etiquette

No description

Whitney York

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Table Etiquette

Dining Etiquette
Learning Targets
I can explain the "dos" and "don'ts" of
table manners
I can demonstrate correct manners when eating at a
I can use correct
eating utensils
the correct way at dinner
I can identify the correct place for
table setting
I can use a
Why is etiquette important?
Your behavior at a meal
on you!
Good behavior lets everyone have a
time and
the meal
yourself well at a meal
Good behavior shows
to others!
Do you want to be
like this?
What do you think of this girl and her
Sit up straight
Put your elbows on the table
Eat until everyone is seated at the table
Chew with your mouth closed
Talk with your mouth full
Pick your teeth
Keep your hands in your lap when not eating
Tilt back in your chair
Mess with your hair or face
Keep your feet flat on the floor
Eating at a buffet
Have a seat
Let the server take your drink order
...then don't rush to eat!
Wait for the server or adults with you to give you permission to eat
While you wait...
Take a look at the buffet and decide what you plan to eat
want to run around looking at all the food!
When you go to the buffet...
Find the line
and wait your turn
Only use
plate at a time!
When getting food...
Wait until the person in front of you is done serving themselves
Only take small helpings of food
Don't be wasteful!
Always use a
new plate
when going back to the buffet
Always say
thank you
to the staff working

even though you're serving yourself
Using Your Utensils Correctly
Let's practice!
When cutting up food...
You may pick up utensils from the buffet or already have them at your seat.

Remember to place them in the proper place!
with your left hand
in your right hand
Cut up food into small pieces
Lay knife on plate
Switch fork to right hand...
When you aren't using a utensil

Place it on your plate
...at a buffet, before you go up for seconds, make sure you take your silverware off your plate
Setting the Table
Fork on the left
Knife on the inside right
Spoon on the outside right
Glass(es) to the top right
Small or bread plate to top left
Dessert fork or spoon to the top
Napkin on plate or under fork to start
Other Utensil Tips
If you have a lot of utensils start on the outside, work your way in
Keep utensils on the plate when you pause eating
Put them next to the plate when you go for seconds
Set them across the plate when you are finished
Using a Napkin
When ready to eat...
Unfold napkin and place in lap
Cover your mouth or nose with your napkin if you cough or sneeze
Blot or dab your mouth lightly to wipe off food
Blot or dab before you drink so you don't get food on your glass!
If you get up from the table, place the napkin to the left of your plate
When you are finished, place your napkin back on the left
Be grateful!
Wash your hands before eating
Wear hats at the table
Reach across the table
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