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Kirsty Dyball

What i have been doing since high school

Kirsty Dyball

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Kirsty Dyball

What I have been doing since finishing high school Kirsty Dyball Autobiography My adult life started here
2006 - Moved to London aged 22yrs
My life is perfect..! Best decision I ever made, I fed my passion and love for travel, London and Life. Spent 3 years there and then moved home to start the next chapter of my life....but I did not come back to Australia alone. My amazing husband Our first child, a beautiful baby boy Koen, born 24th March 2011.
Along came our second child, a son named Kane, 27th April 2012. And we couldn't resist so 13 months later.... So since leaving high school I have forfilled a love for travel by spending 3 years living and loving London. Meeting my husband and bringing him home to Australia, where we got married.
The biggest blessing in my life was the birth of two healthy, happy little boys who make me so happy everyday.
Currently working as a full time mum and full time student with Curtin University, combined makes it the best job ever....!
We are also so excited to mention we are expecting baby number 3 in early September....my life is perfect! Fresh from England, moved to Australia and we got married on 10th May 2009.
Then came.....
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