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book report smile

No description

Kimngan Diep

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of book report smile

By : Kimngan Diep #8
Book Report : Smile
The important events are....

*When Raina fell and her two front teeth went out.

* When Raina stand up for herself.

* When Raina found new friends that were nice to her.
Important Events
What the Character Learned
The setting is at home, the dentist, at school, and at Raina's friend's house (for meeting).
The problem is that Raina was getting bullied by her friends and they made the final straw, it was Nicole and Karin pulling down Raina's skirt in front of the whole school to see ( she was wore leggings under it).

Main Characters'
Mom: A protecting mom and sensitive

Nicole & Karin: Mean, rude, uncaring to Raina, & makes fun of others

Dr.Golden & Dr.Dragoni: kind, helpful, brave , and smart

Raina: Shy (when it comes to boys she like), positive for herself, and a good artiest

Characters and Author
The author of this book is Raina Telgemeier
Main Characters


*Little sister
*Little brother
*and there are more characters, about 20 characters.
After her skirt got
pulled down
The solution is Raina stop being friends with the girls that bullied her and also stand up for herself. It was lonely at first for her, but then she made friends with people who cared for her.
* Raina learned to be friends with people who respect her.

* The girls who bullied Raina didn't learn anything because they didn't care about Raina.
I think people should get this book if they are bullied because they could learn how Raina stand up for herself.
Thank You
Good Book
Great Book
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