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Q magazine evaluation

No description

georgia ladbrook

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Q magazine evaluation

Contents page
mast head
is obvious and you can
clearly see what magazine it is, only
the top of the m
is covered
: the fact they have told the reader that it is new and improved suggests that they want to attract a new
possibly. it also increaseses the status of the magazine.
cover line
' this connotes that the main focus of the article is on kings of leon , it uses a

pull out quote

from the article in side to make the specific article sound intreguing. the

mis -en -scene

of the photograph on the front cover shows that the group look serious suggesting that the article in side of the magaxine will represent this idea of seriousness also.
There is also a

cover line

on a 14

page interview with beck to show that it is a main focus of the magazine as well as kings of leon

it is clear through the

feature article


who the main focus and speacil feature of this months edition is .
The column providing information of the contents of the magazine sugests that the
of the magazine is organised and neat, this implies that the
is maybe for the older generation rather than teenagers, as it is more accesiable and focuses on key features of articles inside the magazine rather than purley just having random pictures on the cover to fill any
negative space
The front cover sticks to a specific colour scheme of black, white and red which coveys that are making it easy to their audience to decifer their
house style
magazine from others.
This magazine uses
to present the information inside.
this conveys an organized idea, so it appeals to people as it is easy to read.
There are lots of pictures scattered around the page to fill the
negative space
and make the contents page look more exciting and convey that there is a lot to read inside.
Stand first
is used gives the audience an insight to what the articles are based on inside the magazine

After introducing the main topic of the article, Q uses a
to provide a liitle bit more information about what to expect from that specific article. This allows the reader to quickly know which aricles appeal to them most.
There is a little black box next to each photo to provide a little bit more information about that particular person/article. This is useful as again, it alows the reader to get an insight on the article.
double page
of this magazine is that if focuses on the idea of an un-organised plan. However this contradicts itself as the text is in neat
. This relates back to the original Q
, neat and organised.
There is a
pull out
quote used to zoom in a specific intersting area of the article. This grabs the readers attention quickly.
There is a
drop cap
used to connote the fact that it is a start of a new paragraph/ topic.
There is a strip of pictures in style of a movie strip. This could be there to fill any
negative space
as it is where the article ends. It also connotes the idea of a retro theme maybe implying that they are an older band
The photo is spread across the top half of a
double page
which is
and a unique feature. In addition the picture is showing us behind he scenes in the studio. However the photo is shot in a
There is a
at the bottom of each page and the magazine name:Q. This ultimately suggests that it is informing the reader that there is a new edition each month.
color scheme
of black, yellow and white connotes danger. This could convey an idea that the and are rebellious or that the article is different to the typical h
ouse style
of Q magazine.
To conclude, this magazine uses conventional features throughout. It is easy to decipher the Q magazine from others as it is always the same style. the masthead is always in the top left hand corner and although it may sometimes be slightly covered , it is always visible to the point where you can tell the name of the magazine. The text throughout the magazine is in a bold font for headlines or for things such as pull quotes or a running head.
The colour scheme is also red, white and black throughout which connote again the house style of the magazine as the logo of the Q magazine resembles the colours red and white. This colour scheme makes them distinctive from competitors.
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