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February 20, 2014

No description

Molly Farley

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of February 20, 2014

Bell Ringer 2-20-14
Try to write a short story of 26 sentences (we probably won't get that far). The first line will start with A, and the following sentence will start with the next letter, B, and then C, D, E, F, etc.
Every sentence starts with the next letter of the alphabet!
Good luck :) Starbursts are on the line...
February 20, 2014

Some clarifications...
vs. th
vs. th
There: location, or referring to abstract
Their: possession
They're: contraction for they are
Could've vs. could of
Could of is not a thing!
Keeping writing in the same tense!
If you start in past, stay in past. Don't
switch partway through!
Other things to work on...
"Connected" Story, due by 4 p.m.
Missing work: Bell Ringers, notes, HD story, etc.
Things you have to have done TODAY.
In your portfolio, polished, with no errors:
Class poem (already there)
Imagery Pictionary (already there)
Mystery Group Write

By next Friday
I am From poem
2 poems (structured & choice)
Humpty Dumpty Story
Journalism Terms
: The heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine. Eye-catching and clever!
: a line in a newspaper name the writer of an article
: people or organizations that provide information for an article
I think
are some oranges over
in the fruit bowl.
Did you like
presentation about Harry Potter?
coming with us to the game, but driving in
) own cars.
Should we tell
living in a tiny blue house that they just bought.
it is!
One day I decided to walk to the store. It was super sunshiny outside; the warm rays felt like a blanket on my skin. When I got there, Mr. Dubois is standing in front of the grocery store. He has a twisted smile on his face. As usual, I ignore it, and walked down the aisle for some chocolate. Yet, I feel his eyes on me like he was planning an attack.

I picked up my walking pace and I run to the nearest exit. It is locked shut! Suddenly I felt the ground beneath my feet shake from a nearby door that just slammed. I am locked inside the store.


nother long day had passed.
ellatrix was growing tired of waiting.
an anyone tell me why I'm still here?" she cried.
This symbol means you need to break for a new paragraph.
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