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The Axolotl Colony

No description

Shella Recola

on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of The Axolotl Colony

The Axolotl Colony
Moral Lesson
About the Author
Jaime An Lim
The unflinching depiction of
acute loneliness.
Born in Cagayan de Oro in
January 7, 1946
He received his AB English, cum laude, from Mindanao State University
He holds five graduate degrees,
including an MA in English and
Creative Writing from Silliman
University, an Ed.S. in Instructional
Systems Technology, and a
Ph.D. in Comparative Literature,
both from Indiana University,

Tomas Agbayani
Protagonist in the story
He was about to finish his post-graduate in Indiana University
Ex-wife of Tom
A ten-year-old daughter of Tom and Edith
Vilma Teare
Apartment manager in Campus view
Bloomington, Indiana
After their divorce his wife promptly married her American lover of ten months and moved out of Bloomington, Indiana, to the East Coast, taking their ten-year-old daughter along.
Tom and Edith went to United States. Edith was doing her doctorate in Zoology and Tom in American Literature.
They have a child named Suzie. They're living in Campus view.
Tomas and Edith never traveled during holidays, like most other foreign students on a strict budget.
They were often sleeping in separate bedrooms and it causes the small matter of their piddling sex life. Tom failed to give attention to Edith's sexual needs because of his busyness. Edith complained about being sexually neglected.
Edith decided to file a divorce. Tomas did not feel like contesting any of the allegations in the court. The Legal Services of Indiana simply stated that the marriage was "
irretrievably broken".
Suzie wrote a letter to his dad that they have a sailboat and she enjoys living in a big house.
Tomas went to the laboratory to pick up the remaining things that Edith left. He saw Mrs. Weinstein and guide him in their special laboratory. There, he found an strange kind of creature.
Tomas decides to call his wife, in her new home on the East Coast. The call does not go well; he feels himself begging. His wife says that perhaps she can take their daughter to visit Dumaguete. He falls asleep.
Mrs. Weinstein
Zoology department secretary
Vilma Teare allowed Tomas to stay in the Campus View and was confuse about what happened.
by Jaime An Lim
The story which was awarded first place in the Philippines’ most prestigious short story competition in the Palanca Awards
John Steignbergh
American lover of Edith
Also taught at a community college

At the Silliman National Writers Workshop (1973) and the UP Writers Workshop (1974), he won an Honorable Mention for fiction from Focus (1973), a Third Prize for poetry from Philippines Free Press (1995).

At IU, he won Second Prize in
the Asian Student essay contest (1978), the Academy of American Poets Prize (1981), the Tutungi Prize (1983), and the Ellis Literary Award (1984). For his outstanding achievement in fiction and poetry, he was awarded the 2000 Gawad Pambansang Alagad ni Balagtas by the Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas (UMPIL)
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