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Carnegie Science Center

If you haven't been here this is in Pittsburg Pennsylvaina Right by the football stadium.

Garrett Wilson

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Carnegie Science Center

THE Carnegie Science Center. A place with a Imax theater, Tornado simulator, second largest metiorite, a earthquake simulator, and robotics area, kids play area. ANYONE WHO READS THIS ANYONE WHO READS THIS HAS TO GIVE GARRETT ANYONE WHO READS THIS HAS TO GIVE GARRETT WILSON TEN DOLLARS$$$$$$$$$$. When you first walk in you see a tv screen that shows
what is happening in front of it. The screen also has
moving video's of wales and stuff infront of the video it's showing, and also reacts to your touch. the science center is divided into multiple areas like the robotics area. There is two large stairways that take you up six floors,
At the base of this one there is a race simulator, hot air balloon
model, and large model eye.
The Sience center is located by three rivers,
this gives it room to have the submarine. there is moon rovers, basketball shooting robot, and a robot robot. On one of the floors is the worlds second largest
metiorite. This is right outside the planitarium,
which looks alote like the imax theater, but smaller. the submarine is right outside the Science
center on the the triple river. you can go in it and it's not much more different than a shipe. And it has the torpedoes outside the
launcher. You can also see the cabins.but some parts are cramped. The Imax Theater is on the left end of the center. you might get dizzy when you first walk in. it is basicly half a large dome. Then you feel like your going through the movie in real life. The Imax Theater!!! if you don't go here you owe garrett wilson 10$ dollars$$$$. Another thing here is a large
model of old pittsburg and the
train routs. And it is huge!
It also has all the buildings! THE TRAIN MODEL!!! If you notice, the science center is right by the stadium
the steelers play in. And it is cool to see in person. The science center at night. Hello to earth. that is what the worlds second largest metiorite said when it hit earth.
you can today find it in the Carnegie Science Center on the 5th floor.It is large
and anyone can touch it when they come by.It is very REAL!!!!!! THE Carnegie Science Center. shopping!!! There is a gift shop right by the main entrance.
and all the gifts are science theamed. There is also a
twister simulator and huricane simulator. Also in the Science center, ther is a kids play area.
It has a mini river that kids can use foam to create a
dame. There's also water pipes that stick together
that kids can design there own stuff. the addmisson fee is six dollars per kid
and ten for adult's. but they also allow you to park there during a football game. if you don't go hear you owe garrett wilson ten dollars$$$$$$ food!!!! If you want you can go to the large resturant area and buy food.
but this is very expensive, and if you don't wan't to spend much
just bring your own food here. Bachmurski is not to mess with this prezi!!!!!
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