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1886 Charleston Earthquake

No description

Olivia Stafford

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of 1886 Charleston Earthquake

1886 Charleston Earthquake
Charleston Earthquake
The Charleston Earthquake of 1886 was devastating. The Earthquake killed 60 people and had 5-6million dollars lost in property damage. It also had a magnitude of 7.3. Most of the structures in Charleston had been destroyed or damaged.
Range throughout South Carolina
Though it is called the Charleton Earthquake of 1886 it went through most of South Carolina. Damaging most everything in its path. Though the starting point was Charleston it was still strong in most of South Carolina as well.
Part of the Train Tracks that had been Destroyed
A Brick House Destroyed by the Earthquake
More Damage
Displaced Monument at a Graveyard
People Camped in the Park after the Earthquake
Long Lasting Damage
Even though the earthquake was 119 years ago there is still damage in Charleston today. The long lasting damage was that they still have cracks in the wall, from some of the older buildings, and that they had to enforce their houses with earthquake poles.
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