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Beried Bones

Skeletal System

Kara Lakser

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Beried Bones

Baried Bones System support framework protects vital organs allows movement Produces blood cells It is not Holloween Bone
Main material Periosteum
a thin tissue that covers bone and contains nerves and blood vessels Bone Marrow
Soft tissue in the center of of most of the bones and is where red and white blood cells are fromed Inside scoop Cartilage
soft connective tissue on the end of some bones Ligament
a tough fiber that connects bones together Joint
a point where to bones meet Osteoporosis Diseases Symptoms
easy to get fractures
loss of height
posture issues

pain killers
medicine to prevent bone density loss
don't fall
change of lifestyle Scoliosis symptoms
sholders or hips uneven
back curves abnormally to the side
back braces
painkillers Symptoms
joint pain
warmth sensation in joints
Arthritis Treatments
except for preventing futher damage
pain control Lets Play Doctor Says Get enough calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D Exercise: don't forget to warmup Wear protective gear and shoes that fit correctly practice good posture Let's Have Some Fun Double Jointed
It is not what you think
You really do not have a double joint
you have hypermobility syndrome. it is when you have malformed joints that cause extra movemnt
the smallest bones in the human body are known as the hammer, stirrup, and anvail. Bones can be six times as strong as steel 206 bones in the human body
520 of them are in your feet Babies have more bones than adults
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