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Copy of History of Kevin

Kevin's Timeline


on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of History of Kevin

Kevin's Life

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And that leads to now, the present. Where soon to be 13 year old Kevin Liang lives. This is also where his timeline ends, at least for now. A lot has happened in Kevin's life during these 13 years, but that's just a small portion of his history. The future holds a lot of exciting events for Kevin, probably. There are many more stories to be told, and many more things to be done, but for now, this is where Kevin's story ends.
For a short period of time, Kevin lived in China with his grandparents. His mom had flew to Canada for work. Life in China is much different than in Canada. High rise condos and business skyscrapers were everywhere. So instead of living in quiet and peaceful neighborhood, Kevin was living in an apartment surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. For the most part, Kevin enjoyed his life in the city. He would usually play in the parks, and would drag his grandparents to the supermarket to buy his favourite snacks. Kevin learned basic life skills with his grandparents, and his grandma and grandpa became a huge part of his life.
Life in China: 2003-2005
On October 5, 2001, Kevin was born in a hospital. But not just any hospital, it was a hospital in the middle of a metropolis, New York City. He was a quiet baby, and didn't start crying until shortly after birth, which gave his parents quiet a scare. Though this was Kevin's first sight of reality, possibly the most important event in his life. To this day Kevin remembers none of it, though he knows that he was just like any other ordinary baby. He only knew how to eat, sleep, and poo his diaper, at least according to his parents.
October 5, 2001
Preschool: 2003-2005
After a couple months of lying around and doing nothing, it was yet again for Kevin to go back to school, but this time around it was kindergarten. It was Kevin's first day, and he was beyond nervous. He had never attended an English school before, and he couldn't speak a word (maybe some). It was tough at first, but Kevin had picked up the language pretty quickly, and within a year, Kevin was speaking all English. It quickly became Kevin's main language, and soon his thoughts were all processed in English instead of Chinese. It's crazy how fast he adjusted to the Canadian environment. Kevin enjoyed Kindergarten for the most part, doing arts and crafts, singing the ABCs, and running around the playground at recess. Kindergarten floated by pretty quickly, and soon enough it was time for Kevin to start grade 1. Kindergarten was where Kevin first interacted with other English speaking students and teachers, in a Canadian environment.
Kindergarten: 2005
Swimming: 2007-Present
Grandma: 2014
Baby On A Plane: 2002
Written By Kevin L.
This move was not as hard on Kevin as he stayed around the same area, unlike previously moving across the world. His new home was about a 30 minute drive away from his old home and the newly purchased house is still the one he lives in to this day. His new neighborhood, Oak Ridges, was a bit more quiet, and is further away from busier areas. Kevin settled in nicely, and started learning at Lake Wilcox Public School, where he still studies today. Overall this was one of the better moving experiences Kevin had gone through, out of many others where he had felt completely foreign.
Moving: 2010
Oh Canada!: 2004
1 short year after birth, Kevin was already traveling around the world. He and his mom boarded a plane from the US all the way to China. Kevin really didn't enjoy being stuck on a plane for 14 hours, and being a baby, he couldn't really do anything. After what felt like forever on the plane, Kevin and his mom landed in Tianjin, China. Sore, was what Kevin felt, and he could barley feel his legs. This was Kevin's first experience of air travel, and now he knew what it really felt like to ride a plane, for 14 hours that is.
During Kevin's stay China, he attended preschool, which wasn't very enjoyable for him. First of all, subjects like math, literacy, art etc. were all being taught, which was a little overwhelming for Kevin. Unlike preschool here in Canada, Preschools in China were a bit higher on the curriculum. Though the material wasn't exactly hard, for a 3 year old boy who only knew how to barely speak and write, it can be very stressful. It also didn't help that the teachers were really strict, and that he was no longer with his grandparents. It took some time getting used to, but Kevin managed to keep in line with the rest of the class, and stay out of trouble. Preschool was where Kevin learned to write and speak in Chinese, and also speak a little English. As time passed, he grew more and more comfortable in the school environment. This was Kevin's first experience learning and writing by himself.
Christmas: 2005
After a good 2 years of living in China, is was yet again time for Kevin to hit the plane. He was more or less turning into a toddler globe trotter by now. This time he and his grandparents flew into Canada, where his mom and dad had just purchased a new house. Moving across the globe was a challenge for Kevin. He had to not only get used to the environment, but also learn a totally new language. Though it wasn't all bad. Kevin got to explore the city of Toronto where he had noticed major differences between China, for one, the lack of buildings and business. Kevin liked the peaceful environment of his neighborhood rather than the loud and busy environment of the large city.
It was Kevin's First Christmas and he was pretty ecstatic. He had never celebrated Christmas before in China or New York, so he had only found out about it. On Christmas day, Kevin viciously ripped opened his present and inside was a Nintendo Game cube. His parents set it up for him and he played it non-stop. Super Mario Sunshine was the game, and he had been getting frustrated lately because he didn't understand how to beat the level. His parents had been a bit skeptical, and after a week of repeated tantrums, his parents returned the Game cube, and replaced it with a game boy, hoping that would stop the frustrations. Though that was later returned too after Kevin couldn't stop playing it. So it was pretty much a lose-lose situation for Kevin, and his first Christmas was a flop. Though, at least Kevin now knew how Christmas worked and he was already planning for next year.
Kevin had been afraid of the water ever since a little baby. He had no idea how to swim, and had never been in a pool before. Kevin first started swimming class in 2007. Though, Kevin had nervous breakdowns because he was afraid of drowning and dieing. All of the other students were swim stars as soon as they got into the pool, and he was the odd one out. Kevin was never comfortable in the water, and could only barely swim with a floating noodle. So swimming was pretty much a flop as well. Or as though it seemed. Kevin's mom convinced him to get back into swimming around 2008, and things were different. Somehow the swim instructor managed to train hopeless Kevin and with baby steps, he was getting better everyday. Soon enough he was swimming on his own, with his friends, or just for fun. To this day, swimming has remained one of Kevin's favorite hobbies. This proved to Kevin that he shouldn't give up, and that if he tried his best, he could accomplish anything that seemed too tough. *cheesy*
Kevin's Grandparents had gone back to China in 2012, and he hadn't seen them in a year. Since his mom and dad were too busy working to fly with Kevin, he traveled himself. This was the first time Kevin had traveled alone. Though the plane ride was very miserable. It wasn't that he missed his mom and dad already, it was just that he had almost no legroom and his eyelids could barely close. In addition to that, the food wasn't very great either, and Kevin didn't have a large appetite for the airplane food anyways. Also some flight attendants gave Kevin quite a shock when they told him that some things he had would have to be confiscated when he arrived in Shanghai, though that never even happened. So, Kevin being sore, tired, and hungry had to endure 14 hours on a wretched plane with pretty nothing to do and no one to talk with. Kevin arrived in China fine, but he was not looking forward to the plane ride back. This was still a good experience for Kevin, as it was his first time traveling himself.
Traveler at 12: 2013
Kevin went to a load ton of places in china during his 2 month stay. He traveled to Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Macao, and Hong Kong. Kevin visited a lot of family including cousins he never knew he had. Though his chinese was a bit rusty, after not using it as much, he could still communicate with them. The food in China was great as well, and since 2003 a lot had changed. New parks and skyscrapers had formed, including the second tallest building in the world, the Shanghai Tower. China felt like a futuristic place for Kevin with its high rise buildings and modern architecture. Going to China after 10 years really showed Kevin how much it had evolved and grown. It was like he had discovered China 2.0.

Adventures in China: 2013
Probably the only sad event on this timeline, is the passing of Kevin's grandma. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013, before Kevin had even gone to visit her. His mom had went back to visit her many times before, and she seemed to have recovered. Though, the cancer had not went away. It's really a horrible feeling when you feel like the sickness is gone, but then it comes right back for a final fight; and that's exactly what happened. Kevin's grandma was a loving and caring woman, always putting others first. It was really hard for Kevin because he had grown up with his grandma, and now that she's gone it feels like there's something missing in Kevin's life. She laughed, she sung and she danced, and she had many friends. The first lost in Kevin's life was his one and only grandma, whom he grew very close to over the years. This was the first time Kevin experienced death in his family, and hoped he would never again.
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