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2014/2015 Exec Slate

No description

Alex Mitchell

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of 2014/2015 Exec Slate

2014/2015 Exec Slate
Jacob Schutt - President
Kody Blankenship - Vice President
Alex Mitchell - Treasurer
Loren Wilison - Secretary
3rd Year Mechanical Engineer
This years internal social chair for ski club
Skied 15 different ski areas this season and counting...
Involved with UC Waterski, ASME, Engineering Tribunal, and Night Walk.
Favorite ski area Mad River Glenn Vermont. #skitheeast
Passion for the accessibility and viability of Cincy Snowcats.
Jacob Schutt
4th year Pharmacy Student
CVS/Pharmacy Intern
Legislative Chair of NCPA
Skiied 4 ski trips and counting...
Involved in Tennis Club and Kappa Delta
Our Club Advisor, Dr. Cluxton, is one of my proffessors.
I see him a lot
Favorite ski area is Jackson Hole
Kody Blankenship
Alex Mitchell
4th Year Aerospace
Former UC Mountaineering Club Treasurer
Perfect North Slopes Ski Instructor for last 6 years
Perfect North Connections
56 days of skiing so far this year
Favorite ski area Jackson Hole
Experience - We are all upper classmen.
Proven Leaders - All have served either in ski club or as an executive of another club.
Passion - All are avid skiers or snowboarders with backgrounds working as instructors or going on lots of ski club trips and events.
Knowledge - Know the ins and outs of running a large University Organization.
Why Us?
Money - Apply for University Funding
Up to $5500 funding
Experience working with University Funding Board
Money to go to new events and trips
Loren has experience working in Student Government
Alex has done this transition for UC Mountaineering Club already
Two trips out west
Seven Springs or Snow Shoe Weekend Trip
Club Swag
Key Chain Bottle Openers
Sun Glasses
Increase visibility around campus
"After Meetings"
Go to Macs Pizza for drinks and socializing after meeting.
4th Year Biomedical Engineering
Snowboarder at heart but I love skiing also
Student Government CEAS Senator
Student Government Senator at Large
Lead Adaptive Ski Instructor at Perfect North Slopes
Loren Willson
Vote for us, drink with us, ride with us!
To be appointed later after our being elected.
Encourage underclassmen to take a role in the club.
Condition these people to be future leaders of the club.
Social Chairs
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