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Evaluating Media Texts - McDonald's "Happy Meal"

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Alyssa ...

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of Evaluating Media Texts - McDonald's "Happy Meal"

Evaluating Media Texts This is the media text I choose: Comes with a free toy to play with after done eating. Happy Meal box is also a comic. The Hamburger looks really good to eat compared to the comercial. Happy Meal box is full of bright colours. Also comes with a super limited addition Spiderman drink cup. Now to answer these questions. 1.Who produced this media text? Answer:The People from McDonald's produced this media text. 2. What is the purpose and audience of this media text? Answer: The purpose of this media text is to get people to buy the Happy Meal because of it's bright and happy colours. The audience of this media text is for little boys because it has spiderman on it and it's a Happy Meal. 3.What effect did the producers want the media text to have? Answer: The effect the produces wanted the media text to have is to buy the Happy Meal. 4. What are the explicit messages in the media text? Answer:Some explicit messages are that it is a Happy Meal, it is a Spiderman based Happy Meal box, and that there is a chicken sandwitch in front of the box. Now I will point out some things about the Happy Meal. 5. What are some implicit messages in this media text? Answer: Some implicit messages in this media text are that this Happy Meal box was made just after one of the Spiderman movies came out. Also,that this Happy Meal is based more to boys than girls. 6.What do the producers of the text believe or value? How does that compare with what you believe or value? Answer: I think that the producers believe that this madia text will make you want to buy the Happy Meal. This does not compare with what I believe because I am not into Spiderman. By: Alyssa C. 7. What first catches your eye about this media text? Answer: The thing that first catches my eye about this media text is the Happy Meal Box because it's in the middle of the media text, it has the most colours and it is the biggest object on the media text. 8. What choices were made in creating this media text? Answer: Some choices that were made in creating this media text was the toy to put in the Happy Meal, The design of the Happy Meal Box, and the image to put on the drinking cup. 9. What is the intended effect of these media techniques? Answer: The intended effect of these media techniques is to get you to buy the Happy Meal. 10. How does the media text urge the audience to feel or act? Answer: I think that this media text urges people of all ages to feel hungrey and to act by buying the Happy Meal. Thanks for watching/reading. If you have noticed this is one of the many "Happy Meals"They serve in a fast-food shop called McDonald's This has been,... Also, notice that the handle of the Happy Meal box is also McDonald's logo, a yellow "M" or 2 yellow arches.
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