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Etiquette Dinner

No description

Lauren H.

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Etiquette Dinner

Building Relationships
Using Social Skills to Make Professional Connections
Etiquette Salutations
Why Consider Etiquette in Development Work
Increases your competitive edge
Makes you donor focused
Builds strong relationships
Etiquette Basics
Effective Self Disclosure
Reduces social distance
Focuses on others
Builds trust and credibility
Not about storytelling
Moves the conversation intentionally
While You Enjoy Your First Course

Your favorite
in Ann Arbor
Before the Event:
Do Some Spying!
Determine the format

Get to know your target


Practice conversation
Roll Out the
Red Carpet...
Your Entrance!
Take Charge
Practice Names
Dress for Success
Practice Introductions
Main Course
Follow cue of your host
Food is served from the left cleared from the right
Cut food into 1 piece at a time
Salt and pepper passed together
Pass condiments closest to you
Utensils at 10:20 when finished
X on plate if not
Place knife on upper edge between bites
Tips up (American), down (Euro)
Taste food first before salting
Always Check-in
Main Course Conversation
Donor Centered
Listen and ask
Self disclose appropriately
Prepare questions
Don't "wing it"
Avoid carrying conversation
Sticky Situations
Food restrictions
Food in teeth
Runny nose
Difficult foods
Pits and bones
Introductions 101-
Let's Make Some!
1. State name of most
influential person
"Dr. Gibbons, may I
2. State name of the
person being introduced
and clarify your relationship
with that person
Sudha Lee who is also
a D-SIP intern
3. Introduce the influential
person and state his/her
title/role/relevant info
Sudha this is Dr. Gibbons,
the Director of Cardiology
at the University Hospital."
Introduce in the following order:
Younger to older
Non-official to official
Junior executive to senior executive
Utensils at the top of your plate

Never leave spoon in coffee

Sugar and cream are partners (handle toward receiver)

Napkin remains in lap until you finish
Lauren Hildesheim
3200 SAB (near union & cube)
The Art of Mingling

Beverages in
left hand
Work the room
No alcohol until 25
None with D-SIP
Remember names
Group Exercise
Napkin in your lap immediately or follow host
Solids on the left - Liquids on the right
Pass to your right
Wait until all are served before eating
Lift food to your mouth
Break bread into small pieces
Turn OFF your cell phone
Sit up straight and with confidence
Final Thoughts
Authentic Self Versus Professional Role
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