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GCSE PE 1.2.1b Substance and trhe sportsperson

No description

E Hilderley

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of GCSE PE 1.2.1b Substance and trhe sportsperson

Substances and the sportsperson... Lesson objectives... Know about the different categories of drugs
(performance-enhancing and recreational)

Be able to explain the impact of
performance-enhancing drugs on wellbeing
and performance

Be able to explain the effects of smoking
and alcohol on general health A drug is a substance that can be taken in
a variety of ways to produce expected and
welcome physical and or psychological effects on
the person taking it

Drugs may also cause some effects that are both
unpleasant and unwanted. These are known as

There are two main categories of drugs:
- Performance-enhancing
- Recreational What is a drug? Performance enhancing drugs can enhance a person’s
performance in some way, either in physical activity
and training, or daily life. Performance-enhancing
drugs include:

Anabolic steroids
Beta blockers
Narcotic analgesics
Peptide Hormones (erythropoietin/EPO) Performance enhancing drugs... Most people use recreational drugs on a
regular basis. The obvious ones are caffeine,
nicotine and ethanol (alcohol)

Although these drugs are legal, they can still
have quite negative side effects such as:

- Addiction
- Stained teeth and gum disease
- Lung cancer
- Heart problems
- Contribution to death Recreational drugs... The most common types of recreational drugs are (nicotine) smoking and (ethanol) alcohol. I will allocate you 1 drug to focus on in small groups...you then need to create a powerpoint presentation or a video including the following:

> What are the benefits/effects of that drug?
> What are the negatives/ side effects/ risks of that drug?
> What are examples of sports where that drug is banned? and why?
> How is the drug administered?
> Is the drug addictive?

You must also create a resource for the
rest of the class 1. Stimulants
2. Narcotic analgesics
3. Anabolic steroids
4. Diuretics
5. Peptide hormones
6. Beta blockers
7. Ethanol (alcohol)
8. Nicotine (smoking)
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