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Fairy Tales on Trial

No description

Jennifer King

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Fairy Tales on Trial

Fairy Tales on Trial
Session One: Where to Begin
Session Two - The Fairy Tale
Prosecution team 2013
Putting it All Together
Session Three: Prepare for the Trial
Pretrial Class Discussion
Reason for laws
Laws known by students
Protection from laws
Breaking the law
Levels of laws
Purpose of trials
Going to trial
Settlements & Plea Bargains
Preparing Packets
Student Information Packet
Criminal Behavior Chart
Character Behavior Chart
Student's Roles
Trial Procedure
Glossary of Legal Terms
Jury Packet
The Jury's Job
Decision Page
Foreman's Job
Lawyer Packet
Opening Statement Form
Legal Argument Form
Closing Statement Form
Criminal Behavior Chart
Misdemeanors and Felonies

Character Behavior Chart
List for characters
Classify behavior as acceptable or unacceptable along with reasons for your choices
Glossary of Legal Terms
Three pages of legal terms - 42 in all
Explain the Roles Everyone Will Play
Defense Lawyers
Prosecuting Lawyers
Choose one of the fairy tales:
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Emperor's New Clothes
Goldilocks & the Three Bears
Hansel & Gretel
Jack & the Beanstalk
Puss in Boots
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
The Three Little Pigs
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Read (or watch) the story.
Character Analysis
See the chart
May be completed as individuals, small groups, or as a class
Refer back to Criminal Behavior Chart and have students assign characters to the appropriate category.
Work in your group and decide how you would categorize the characters in the
Emperor's New Clothes.

Do you think there was a crime committed by any character in the fairy tale? If so, what might the crime be? Refer to the Criminal Behavior Chart as needed.
The class acts as Grand Jury and decides whether or not to indict someone.
*Note - the book,
Fairy Tales on Trial
, focuses on criminal cases. Criminal cases are named according to the governing body (county, state, etc.). However, the author of the book uses characters to name the cases.
The Emperor vs. The Weavers
Pretrial Discussion Questions completed by everyone
These are specific to each case.
Review the students' roles page.
Assign roles according to your class size or use the following recommendations:
3 defense lawyers
3 prosecution lawyers
2 bailiffs
2 judges
2 or more witnesses for the prosecution
2 or more witnesses for the defense
Remainder of students serve as paralegals
The jury may need to be from another class to prevent jury tampering.
Defense and prosecution legal teams begin their legal arguments and opening and closing statements. Copies of these forms are available in the student packets.

These piece may be the most time-consuming, so planning time for the groups would be paramount to the success of the trial.
The Day Before the Mock Trial
Review Trial Procedure
Prepare for the jury to be present and instruct them on duties and expectations
Practice! Coach them on dramatization skills.
Plan wardrobe.
Allow some students to watch to provide feedback.
Teach the students to be QUIET during the trial.
Janis Silverman
Pieces of Learning
ISBN 978-1-880505-45-8

Legal Systems


Civil Rights

Historical Cases

Novel being used for a particular unit
It's not always happily ever after...
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