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Transcript of Hindu

Taught by: Ms. Cyr, Ms. Kalsi, and Ms. Duvdevany
Hindu Beliefs...
(page 144)

15.2 Origins of Hinduism
15.4 Brahman
Brahman is(in Hindu beliefs)...
-more powerful and lives longer than anything else
-constantly creating, destroying, and recreating the universe
-connects human souls with others
15.6 Dharma
The process of rebirth

Judges karma for next life
15.3 Caste System
Organization of the ranks
15.1 Introduction
15.5 Multiple Gods
Everyone should do what they are supposed to do based on social classes...
-The Hindus are polytheistic, believing in many gods/goddesses.
-Some of the gods/goddesses include:Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
15.7 Karma
Part of soul that carries your Dharma

Is what is looked at in Samsara
15.9 Summary
Origins of Hindu Dharma

Castes Karma

Brahman Samsara

Multiple Gods

*when touched by an untouchable, your caste is broken
*The Raja or "King
would be included under the rung of Kshatriyas or Brahamins depending on the King's training

What is your Dharma as a student?
What is your teachers' (us) Dharma?

What do the Hindus believe to be more powerful than Brahman?

If you are touched by a(n) ___________, your caste is broken.
Fill in the blank:
*or if that's too hard, you may call us Ms. C., Ms. K., and Ms. D.,
Developed over a long period of time
Early Aryan Culture (Sanskrit for "noble")
Blend of asian texts and general culture
molded indian life and culture
Origins of Hinduism
Multiple Gods
Early Aryan Religion=Vedisum=Brahmanism
induism is the major religion of India.
mportant beliefs include samsara and karma.
onviolence is valued by Hindus because everyone has a soul.
eities are powerful and are greatly worshipped.
nited is what Hindus are with Brahman.
ndian law says that all people should be treated equally.
amsara is the belief that life goes in a continuous cycle.
odern Hindus visit temples to worship their deities.
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